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  1. Txbootygirls

    Looking for expericed mod and or sugar daddy / tech help for social media and online sales

    trying to maximise myself and roomates earning potential open to very unique oppourtunies and , want to maximise our potential we are looking for help from anyone who might be looking for some freindly texas webcammers and for tech we are willing
  2. Belladonna_Noire

    OBS Settings on Chaturbate?

    I'm new to camming and I tried streaming last night for the first time (with no luck). I watched a few tutorials for OBS and I thought I was golden! But when I went to stream, I got a few different responses from viewers who were nice enough to tell me that my settings were probably off. Two...
  3. SailorBonnie

    Trying to stream my desktop on MyFreeCams

    Hello! I'll just get right to the issue I'm having: I downloaded ManyCam so I could stream games live for MyFreeCams, and to stream, it's asking me for my server address and a stream key. I have no idea where to find these! Any help would be nice! Thank you!
  4. G

    Chaturbate, low FPS and 240Mbps

    Hello! I recently started camming again in chaturbate, after updating my speed plan. For some days, I was getting around 240Mbps and 30+ fps with just wifi connection and couldn't ask for more honestly. But somehow since this morning I've been suddenly only getting around 8-14 fps without any...
  5. V

    Webcam keeps kicking me offline for MFC and Chaturbate, Help!

    Occasionally, when I'm camming on either MFC or Chaturbate, the websites have a problem of kicking me offline randomly with me having to manually go back online. Sometimes it says reloading cam out of no where too. I don't know if this thread is in the right place for this question but could...