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  1. R

    Want myfreecam pics/videos removed

    Hi I cammed for about a few weeks on myfreecam and then deleted my account. What I didn´t know was that the videos were automatically recorded in the room and uploaded to other websites. And I didn´t know that the private sessions were saved in the members accounts. I would really need help to...
  2. Aspen Marie

    Video tips? ManyVids tips?

    I guess I'll start with a little background. I would LOVE to live cam but I have a two year old that doesn't sleep through the night yet and I would hate to have to stop a show to get him back down to sleep so my solution was to sell videos and other things through ManyVids. I've signed up and...
  3. kittens_play

    Getting Traffic on Manyvids

    Hello! I wanted to start a little thread about ways to get more traffic/sales on a Manyvid profile. Beyond advertising on other social media platforms is there anything you could suggest? Sorry if there's already a thread about this, I couldn't find one, please link it if there is!
  4. H


    Hi everyone! So I have made my first videos and want to begin selling them, I just want to know which is the best way to sell them? I know it is possible for the content to be leaked but which is the best site or way to sell my content. Please help, thanks! :)
  5. L

    Selling premade videos on Streamate?

    First off, I apologize if this is elsewhere; I have searched here, and all over Google & even asked on Twitter and no one answered. I emailed and asked as well, but they told me "no directing members off site". I see a ton of models offering videos in exchange for gold, but how are they sending...
  6. Natalie

    Making videos with other camgirls

    Hi there, I just recently got verified camgirl status and I am wondering the best way to go about meeting other camgirls. I really want to make some g/g videos, but I also want to just meet other people in this crazy cam world :) XOXO Natalie UPDATE: Not sure how to delete this post, but I've...
  7. Natalie

    Girl/Girl videos

    I am relatively new to camming and I would really like to interact with other models and make friends as well as meet people to make videos with. How do people go about meeting other models in a safe way to make collaborative videos?
  8. lolaloliepop

    Manyvids vs. Clips4sale

    I'm starting over with camming and in my redo of researching I think I'm going to brave up and start making some vids before I start up again on mfc (and then maybe link to my store on there??? haven't figured out if that or tokens would be better) And I'm looking at clips4sale and manyvids...