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  1. StarSpirit

    Can you post the same video to more sites?

    Hello! So I have seen some models sell the same video on different sites. I fee like I remember reading somewhere that you can post one video to one site only but I am no longer sure (For example if I put one vid on MFC and also on manyvids) Should I ask support or does anyone know the answer...
  2. strnge_angel

    How to get more MFC Share traffic?

    I have a pretty good cam score, but feel like it is getting harder and harder to maintain it. I've been investing more time into content for share, in the hopes that I'll get some offline tips, but nobody is biting! I advertise my videos and give teasers on Twitter, and use CharlesBot to link...
  3. Miss_Behayvin

    Making solo videos and quality...

    Hello, I am new to camming (just started this year) and am getting ready to start making some solo content. I am trying to decide what I should be using to record and what software would be the best for me to use to produce a decent quality video. Would I be best using my c922 webcam, or should...
  4. AngelicaVee

    Pricing my first Custom! Would love a second opinion

    Hey loves! I know there's plenty of threads about pricing customs, but I was wondering if I could get some model opinions on this one video I'm pricing. It's my first ever custom, and I'm really struggling to find a price that feels worth my time, but isn't so high that the member won't bite...
  5. O

    Post Your YouTube Here

    I was wondering if any models or members are YouTubers. I’d love to show yalls channels some love. I started mine a month ago. Here’s my YouTube where I tell Storytimes.
  6. LillyCherub

    If you make a custom video for a member, is it rude to sell afterwards?

    I’ve been around MFC for a little more than a year, but only seriously getting into it as a full time career recently.. What is the etiquette for custom videos? If no names were included in the video’s script, is it rude to sell it on MFC Share after the member has received it? I currently...
  7. Kate69

    Questions on videos

    hi there! I’m new to camming and I cam on chaturbate. I have a lot of people asking me for custom videos and I don’t know where to begin.. any advice would be much appreciated!! 1. What program do I use to record the videos?? Or do I just use my iPhone?? 2. How do I upload them? 3. Do I...
  8. Yavin4MFC

    Promotion at end of videos

    How do you put promotion items at the end of your videos? Whether it's social links, previews for similar types of videos, a link for a tip jar, etc? Have you gotten any extra sales or follows from them?
  9. P

    Ideas for Videos/Photosets to hit the ground running as a new model

    Hello! This forum has been a fantastic resource and I’m so glad I found it. I’m working on getting ready to start camming; reducing my social media presence and removing my real name from directories around the web. I’m going to try Chaturbate first and see how things go. I wanted to put...
  10. BreeGranger

    What camera is best for creating awesome photos and videos?

    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a new camera. My budget is around $500 and I am looking for something that will take good pictures (after some practice) and good video. I have a vanilla blog I want to take awesome pictures for but I also want to get a camera that will be able to take some...
  11. A

    Problem W/ Video Quality

    HELP! I wasn't sure where to put this other than Ask-A-Model. I have a 1080p Logitech C920 webcam, which is a highly recommended camera for performing. The only recording software I have at the moment is OBS, which I heard is an okay place to start. I just recorded my first clip to be uploaded...
  12. Cutiezfeetiez

    Best camera for making videos

    Hi! I have been a cam model on MFC for about a year now and I was wanting to get into making videos on ManyVids. I am looking for a camera that can create high quality videos while not being the most expensive one out there! I have an amazing webcam but I want to get a camera I can take with me...
  13. Aayda_Heart

    ManyVids - Profiles?

    I am hoping that people can post some links here to try and get some more attention! I just made my manyvids account today. - Please post your links below !
  14. Spacecadet_

    Free video editor for Windows 2018?

    I recorded a video on my Logitech webcam and there are parts i want to clip out of it. It would be great if I could add in parts too... I used to use Windows Movie Maker in the past, but apparently Windows 10 laptops don't come with Microsoft Essentials such as Windows Movie Maker, as of 2017...
  15. Blissfull69lover

    Help, pls metadata location removal

    Hello everyone I am just getting started and am having so much trouble removing some of the metadata from my videos, it comes up on the information about the video, my real name and desktop info.. want to remove this and have tried so much, losing hope, feel stupid as cant actually believe...
  16. Huniebunny

    Chaturbate video question

    so I'm going to post videos of me doing stuff with a guy I know.. I know if we can together, he needs to be age verified. But what if he's in pics/videos. He just made a CB account too but hasn't gotten verified yet. Thanks!!
  17. L

    What do you charge for pic sets and videos?

    Hi everyone! I've only been going on cam for a couple months, but I've been thinking I want to expand and sell videos. I get lots of requests for videos of my boyfriend and me. I have a lot of amateur videos, and some good pictures too. When the videos are trimmed down to the good stuff, they...
  18. A

    Custom Pictures

    I have someone wanting to purchase custom pictures from me. Since I'm new i have no clue what to charge or if the quality has to be a certain way. I have an iPhone 7+ which takes phenomenal pictures on portrait mode. Will that be enough or should I just save up for a real camera? What is...
  19. IntravenousFlytrap

    Tips/advice on couples videos...

    I was wondering how I could spice up my video collection. I only have 6 videos so far, and have one planned: a masturbation show featuring me fucking myself with my glass dildo while using a small vibrator on my clit until I cum, and then actually I have another video planned for double...
  20. ramona_reed

    Coming up with porn scripts

    Okay so, ironic considering what I do, I don't watch porn so I don't know how to script to save my life. It all feels just too disconnected for me. Call me weird, but I like a little bit of a story (and not the cheesey 70's I forgot my wallet so let's bang bb story). So that kinda leaves me...