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  1. kitty quinn

    Pricing Videos for MFC Share and ManyVids....?

    I wanted a little insight on how you ladies do this. I have only two video store MFC share and manyvids. The cam girl who taught me about MV has like 200-300 videos and sells them for only 5-10$ So not to expensive but i had my vids as that, and then i notice on mfc cam girls sell for 200-500...
  2. Yavin4MFC

    Video Titles and Descriptions

    Has anyone ever had success re-releasing an old video with an updated title or description? Like it just did ok before but suddenly calling it something different or retiring it for a while and reintroducing it led to lots of sales?
  3. Sneeqie

    DMCA - Get Content OFF Google

    Below I will detail out how to go straight to the source (Google), and submit an easy form to get it down. I have just been given this from a member of #GirlsOfTwitter promoter group I am a part of. It was so random, and it was like eye opening - because I have searched many times for Google...
  4. BarrettBaby

    selling videos on mfc

    Hi! So I've been on MFC now for a couple weeks and I want to start selling videos. I'm aware you cannot sell them directly through the site so I went ahead and made an account on project maenad and uploaded my first one there. Then I made a gif out of a couple preview images and created an HTML...
  5. JesseBangs

    How much do you charge for custom videos?

    Hiya I was wondering how much you charge for customs! I am brand new on CB and have had my first four rather successful shifts this week. A lovely regular of mine has requested a custom vid, pretty tame, just dirty talk, moaning his name, and whatever else I like. I was thinking 35-40$ for...
  6. SexyMoNy07

    I can't upload videos on my bio (chaturbate)

    Hi there! I'am a new camgirl (1month already!), I love doing that and I would like to post some videos on my bio for my viewers as many of them asked me, but when I try to do that everytime I got an error message "an error occured". I can put a name,description and price for the video, after I...
  7. LadyZombie

    Videos and Pictures

    As I'm slowly planning my come back (unfortunately slowly) I want to have videos and pictures to sell before I start broadcasting again. I've been researching different sites to use for the vids and pics so thats not the problem, I just wanted to know how you go about posting new videos and...
  8. Jane Sundy

    Are you a selfie model? See why BentBox is for you...

    Hi, My name is Jane and I work for in the customer support team. You have probably heard about BentBox before, we are a marketplace for photos and videos with a different style, we are growing rapidly and attracting new buyers every day. We thought to put together a page to...
  9. Jane Sundy

    BentBox Update: Geo Blocking

    Hi girls, just a quick update. Geo Blocking is now available on BentBox so that you can sell your photos and videos with an added level of privacy. You can read about BentBox features here: Feel free to PM me for any questions Have a lovely day Jane
  10. Jane Sundy

    BentBox - Recruiting New Models

    Hi everyone, my name is Jane from BentBox and we are recruiting new models to sell photos and videos. BentBox is not a cam site and it could give you a different edge compared to many other cam sites. BentBox has many photographers posting their sets and videos for sale however our users are...
  11. Kitty Ann

    ManyVids - copyrighting issues? Can they "own" your image if you sign the contract?

    I tried to sign up for ManyVids but then I saw they own rights to your image, and I wondered how sketchy that actually was. Anyone have any advice on this?
  12. EternalDevote

    picture and video links

    Hello everyone!! Envy here, I was just wondering if anyone was free to give me a hand or some simple advice on the best and easiest way to send your custom videos and photos via mfc mail, where might a good site be that i could upload my items and easily get a link for them, if i have to pay for...
  13. Alexis Sparks

    Hey New here

    Okay I know you've seen these New Here posts 10000s of times, but seriously hey whats up? I was wondering if anyone can give me some stellar current advice about how long videos should be? and how much that should be charged? Ideas for videos are also greatly appreciated! My twitter is...
  14. hollyreynolds

    where to meet others to do videos with?

    Hi everyone!! I'm from a very, very small town. I recently got into online sex work as a BBW video/picture poster and sexting. I really want to make videos with other folks, but I'm not sure how to go about meeting them or finding them when I'm so far from a city. Does anyone have any tips on...
  15. CreepyPasta

    How do you ladies sell your videos?

    Is there some site where you can upload your video and when it's bought, you give the member a link to the video and a password? Sorry, new to selling videos on MFC!
  16. Elizabethnoir

    How should i send out my content? help with drop box?

    So im using big cartel to sell photo sets and videos and im not sure what would be the best way to send out my content. Should I just email the customer the photo sets/ videos? what are the draw backs of that? or should I set up drop box and email them a download link? and how do I set up drop...
  17. O

    Background noise for videos you're selling?

    I'm a new cam girl and I was wondering what you guys do to the videos you sell? Do you put music in it? Leave it how it is?? I'm such a editing noob. Thanks in advance!
  18. 5

    Best way to share videos?

    Helping a friend figure out the best way for her to sell her videos. She's currently been using dropbox, but that only has a max space of 5GB, and she doesn't want to sell it through ManyVids since she would like to handle the videos herself. I was wondering how everyone else deals with their...
  19. Stream

    Deciding how to distribute content

    What are the different platforms some of you models have chosen to distribute your videos (i.e. sproutvideo etc.) and why have you chosen to go that route? Thanks in advance for all your experience and responses!
  20. marymist_xo

    Suggestions for sexy background music for videos?

    Looking to film 10-15 videos next weekend, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on sexy music to play in the background? Let's here it!