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How to get more MFC Share traffic?

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Mar 24, 2019
I have a pretty good cam score, but feel like it is getting harder and harder to maintain it. I've been investing more time into content for share, in the hopes that I'll get some offline tips, but nobody is biting!

I advertise my videos and give teasers on Twitter, and use CharlesBot to link people to my share page when I'm live. Are there any other tricks I'm missing? I see a lot of girls offering XXX albums for free, but I also see a lot of girls posting highly priced content and don't know where my content fit in. My videos aren't the highest quality, but I do edit them nicely and feel like they're fairly priced (most 100-150 for full length videos)
There are a few things you could try. I am not a camgirl though, only speaking from some of my general experience in xxx.

First, make sure your thumbnails and preview clips are good. It's the first thing somebody sees, and it can be the dealbreaker for people looking for new videos.

Keep video titles more straight forward than clever. Trying to be clever with video titles makes your videos less likely to pop up for a search. Although adding good tags to your videos can help make up for that somewhat I suppose. I know a model using the token cost (188,288, etc) for her video tags which makes no sense because nobody will ever search for those numbers.

Having some short free clips won't hurt. There's are more likely to get more views, increasing the chance that somebody stumbles upon you while just browsing all of the mfcshare content.

Give vouchers for videos to some of your tippers. Might encourage some people to tip, and the videos might encourage them to tip for more videos.

Something about twitter...I don't think you're going to get new users registering and tipping for mfcshare content through twitter. There's so much content that's already posted to twitter for free, and I don't think you're likely to pull in any new users who will tip you. Twitter is probably best used for keeping your loyal fans/regulars up to date on things...what I'm trying to say is use Twitter as a tool for "connecting" more with your regulars. Doesn't hurt to advertise your content there, but don't just use Twitter as a platform for spamming tweets linking to your content.

Hopefully some of this is decent advice and helps. Good luck.
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