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Anyone likes metal music here?

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I'm more hard rock than metal, depending on your definition of metal.
I used to like it a lot. Now im pretty much listening to jazz and chill out music.
I like a lot of metal music, mainly listen to popular bands like Iron Maiden etc, if you consider Marilyn Manson as metal then I also listen to his music a lot, very good to dance to. Basically all of the music I like comes somewhere under the rock/metal category. But I'm really shit with names of bands and songs.
I'm mostly hard rock, or what would now be classified as "Classic Rock". AC/DC, Pink Floyd, Def Leppard, Aerosmith, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, etc. But, I also like other genres of rock too such as grunge, some punk, alternative, etc. Add in some blues/jazz like Stevie Ray Vaughn, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and it's a good modern mix.

I have a pretty wide range of musical tastes.
Totally obsessed with Myrkur

I love black metal. Myrkur's vocal range is impeccable.


Can I just add how I love the media is warning parents about their kids listening to metal again? I really hope this means we are going to see an artistic metal explosion in the genre to counter.
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Yep, Including but certainly not limited to...

I love their older more mellow work too but I love the direction Lacuna Coil went in their most recent album.

Red Queen, Hoping they take off, I would like to hear more from them. If you like it PLEASE buy the songs and don't use some way to rip it offline, they're trying to make it independently without a label and piracy hurts them severely

In Flames, no explanation needed really, there is ass, they kick it
I like Lamb of God and I really liked God Forbid before they broke up. I like a lot of classic metal, thrash metal, and prog metal... Maiden, Dream Theater, Metallica, Megadeth, TOOL, Helmet

It's super fun to play black metal on cam and watch the whiners roll in. Makes days you don't feel like showing up super amusing...if I remember correctly. Been a while since I've ventured outside of clipland.
I have been listening to metal for around 14 years holy shit.
When I do cam, it's always playing in the background.
One of the biggest tips for music is to play stuff that makes you feel happy and sexy, and that's different genres of metal to me.

If someone ever complains or makes a note of it, the people in the room usually laugh at them.
I mean, what did they expect coming into my room? One Direction? lol
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This has been my favorite death metal band for a while. Castrator is an all female death metal band and they fucking RIP.

Ohh girl bands!! I love me some Exist Trace. Omi is my everything!!!
Their older stuff is quite heavy.


Is these count as metal?
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