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Cam model supporting politicians

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Oct 5, 2016
I do agree the OP just doesn't want to read the room and generalizes because of it. You make less money because people aren't interested in PAYING to hear another person's politics when they are searching for escapism. Members don't have to put up with sub optimal experiences when they are footing the bill. This is business, if a McDonalds allowed someone to open debate on healthy eating or vegetarianism when someone entered people would go find a different McDonalds. If a McDonald gets a reputation for allowing people to bother patrons people will stop going to that McDonalds regardless if changes are made later.

The major purpose of sex work and cam entertainments is escapism in some form. It's always a risk that people will run from any injection of reality into that place. Even if a person is in complete agreement with your political, religious or other divisive opinions they might STILL avoid you because none of that helps the escapist environment people are PAYING to enter.


Cam Model
Nov 17, 2020
Members don't have to put up with sub optimal experiences when they are footing the bill.

If anyone knows where I can find members who "foot the bill" plz let me know. Because I'm pretty sure what actually happens is a cam model will broadcast on a camming site, and members may or may not give us tokens/gold to provide a service for them, or take us to private/exclusive to provide a more intimate service for them. In which case, I see it as someone is paying for our time/energy so we best deliver a good service, but I don't think anyone's definition of a good service includes a helping of extreme political opinions.

When members aren't actively paying for our time though? Then why do members feel like they can complain about what we talk about?

Of course it is a business, but we're also real live people who broadcast (for the most part) from our own homes, and people come to see us for a real human connection. Yes it's escapism for the members, I totally 100% get that but if you're on cam sites to engage with real people, then don't be so appalled when we end up having real opinions too. If you don't want personalities/thoughts/opinions then go watch porn, or find something to have sex with that doesn't have a brain.

I'm not even going to touch on the fact you compared the cam model industry to McDonalds, which not just insulting but also a ridiculous comparison. Unless we are being sought out to deliver the sexual equivalent of a big mac. Although who knows, I don't have members "footing a bill" so I could be wrong about how this entire industry works.

On the topic of politics though, I will add this because sometimes this thinking is the only thing that keeps me sane...
People feel very passionate about politics because parties policies are a reflection of peoples values. Immigration, employment, national debt etc, the stance you take on these will be a reflection of the life you have lived, the things that you have seen and been exposed to. Try to remember that you think the way you do, because you're the only person who's lived your life. Pretty much everyone you meet has lived a life quite different to your own (even more likely on the internet!), and there's a good chance that if you lived the same life in their shoes that you would think similarly, if not pretty much the same.

Peoples motivations for what they believe almost always come down to something they believe is right or good, even though it might not seem like it to you at first. Of course the extreme ends of the spectrum aren't the best case for this, but on the whole if you really heard people out about why they believe what they believe in, and what it really comes down to at it's core, you might find yourself even agreeing a bit with the principle of it (even though you might disagree that's how a country should be ran).

You're never gonna make peace by only speaking to people who reaffirm your beliefs, otherwise it turns into an echo chamber and it creates a deeper gap between the two.

TLDR: Almost everyone on this planet means well, but their version of that might be different to yours for reasons completely unique to them.
Dec 20, 2020

I don't know about anyone else, but supporting a politician is a sex worker seems like a very risky move. The only ones I've seen overtly support politicians have been Trump supporting models, and before the election they were making good tips. They don't seem to be doing as well afterwards - but I'm saying that after some very short observation.

I've seen a lot of models support a political stance, and that seems a lot less risky than supporting a politician. And I'm saying that regardless of who it is, but we're all clear on the problem of a sex worker supporting trump. you might be thinking that you don't understand why a sex worker would support biden, but Trump was trying to be a dictator, whereas Biden is trying to be a president. Of course, we still have our own going issues with the fashion that we already have in our country, but there's a difference between the light fashion that we have now in the full blown fascism we were heading to under dictator trump.

supporting what was almost a completely fascist dictator and a whole new regime of our time doesn't really seem like the wise thing to do. Especially after that would be dictator lost. But no matter what politician you support, there's always going to be the pros of the people who also support that politician having money, and the cons of constantly getting spammed and trolled by people who hate that politician. I don't see people get slammed for their stances as much as I see them get shamed for supporting specific people.

I'm not crazy about Joe Biden come all harris, but if I thought other Joe Biden come out here supporters had money, I probably would have put their stuff in my background for more tips at the cost of getting shit on by Trump supporters. then again, I don't know if I'll be able to say that for too much longer with this GameStop/ AMC stock shenanigans, Biden/ Kamala supporters probably got money now!

With that being said, where are y'all sitting about this issue? It doesn't necessarily have to be about Joe Biden or Donald trump. Where do you sit on camming models supporting specific politicians, or expressing their general political views without a specific politician?

Under the guise of asking for opinions, you instead arrived here to force your own political opinions upon others.

You wholly contradict yourself in that way, and then go on to argue with those other opinions.

Approximately nobody on web camming sites cares enough for political opinions to sway their feelings about a model.

To measure (your opinion) by "making good tips" both before the recent election and after is similarly absurd.

In case you haven't looked around, there is a world-wide pandemic ongoing. With each passing week there are more and more unique cam models on sites all over the planet, each of which has a negative effect on the collective tips known to all of the rest. So to compare November 1 with January 28 as far as webcamming tips, is silly.

The only noteworthy comparison about those two dates is as follows.

230,626 U.S. Covid deaths became 430,055.

1,198,000 worldwide Covid deaths became 2,180,867
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