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Is your account banned? Need help?

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Jul 25, 2014
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’m baffled at how such a large site can’t find a way to streamline support.
I'm baffled that a site as big as Chaturbate thinks it's okay that banned people have to go onto a support forum that isn't affiliated with them to get any answers because support doesn't answer or answers with automated messages with zero answers. It's bad fucking PR, because now most of us don't recommend working Chaturbate because of the shit show they run. Back in the day Chaturbate used to not do this but they grew quick. And I can believe they don't have the support team deal with the influx of support inquiries. OnlyFans has been reported to have like 5 members on their support team, allegedly, and they are waaaaay bigger than Chaturbate at this point. But OnlyFans at least tells you why they banned you

Sure they are currently the most popular, but it's a fucking shitshow because their support is fucking garbage.

I used to feel for the original @punker barbie but now not so much. CB haven't changed their methods when it started to be an issue, and now it's a glaring problem. It seems like they are content with having a poor support and report methods.
Jan 27, 2020
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but maybe u should think about how chaturbate feels everytime you get banned.
Chaturbate doesn't feel anything because it's a COMPANY and not a person. As opposed to actual PEOPLE who have their main/only source of income taken away suddenly without any explanation or idea if it's permanent or temporary way too often, because CB can't get it's shit together, higher more people and better their protocols for handling bans.
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