Lovense Nora vs. Lush

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Aug 19, 2018
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So I'm really into the idea of getting a Lovense toy. I know everyone sees/hears Lovense in the camming world and immediately thinks "Lush" (including my viewers lmao). While I see the obvious benefits, the idea of the Nora (and the accompanying affiliate revenue from getting viewers to buy a Max) appeals to me a lot. I was wondering if anyone had opinions about which is more a) lucrative and b) interesting down the line (both personally and for your viewers).
So far from surface level research, I have gathered the following (I swear I'm an academic).
  • Allows for mobility (would've loved during my baking show)
  • Obvious incentive for tips
  • A reason for me not to buy ANOTHER dual vibrator (Shoutout to my Jopen)
  • And IIIII will always loooove rabbits
  • 15% affiliate program for any viewers that buy the Max sounds pretty sweet


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Aug 28, 2017
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I have Lush and it has increased my earnings alot, i like that you can be doing a themed show, or just dancing around or even just in conversation and get caught off guard when they tip, and the members love the reaction too! I chose the Domi over Nora, it is way more powerful but if i were you i would put a countdown to a Nora Show, that way your not constantly reaching for it


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Jun 19, 2018
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I have the Lush, Nora, Domi & Osci. Lush is great, but lacks the “visual” that the Nora provides. I don’t use the Nora often because it severely limits my mobility, so on the rare occasion I use it, my members are beyond thrilled. If I hold the Nora loosely, they can actually see it squirm & wriggle. I have only had to buy one Nora, but have had to have 3 of the Lush’s replaced.

I’m sure if I did c2c or Skype shows, the affiliate program would be great (and I have looked into it). But I’ve had maybe a handful of guys ask if I would do a Nora/max private show with them, and they already had the Max.

Most have been more interested in being able to receive a control link for my other Lovense toys, all 4.
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Jul 18, 2018
I have both the Lush and the Nora. I rarely use the Nora because I don’t want my viewers to get used to seeing it all the time. I like to keep it as a “wow” factor since it is definitely one of the less seen lush toys on CB. It does excite the viewers more because they can distinctly see the the toy move when they tip, so the days that I do choose to use Nora, they are very excited.

Although I do have to add I’ve been camming for a little over 3 months now, and I am already nearing the end of my Lush’s life, if that makes any difference. I’ve had it since my first week too.