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  1. BadgirlIvy

    I broke my

    Anyone else break their Lovense Lush? I read up a lot about it and I guess the reason they came out with the second one was because of the total and complete design flaw. The bluetooth is in the egg and not the 'tail' like it is in the Lush 2. But yeah, mine snapped at the butt of the tail! {pic...
  2. Lelo1

    Kiiroo Cliona

    Looks like @KiirooAmsterdam has a new toy.
  3. barbiecrystal

    Best Fuck Machine & How To Get Tip Activated?

    I looking to buy a fuck machine and I see many models on chaturbate to manyvids creators use. Do any of you have some suggestions to some good fuck machines? And how do you get them to be tip activated?
  4. QuinnLane

    Lush vs Osci

    I'm looking to get a toy, not for use on cam (just yet) and I'm debating between the Lush and Osci from Lovense. Does anyone have the Osci, and if so what are your opinions?
  5. BabygirlBarnes

    Lovense Nora vs. Lush

    So I'm really into the idea of getting a Lovense toy. I know everyone sees/hears Lovense in the camming world and immediately thinks "Lush" (including my viewers lmao). While I see the obvious benefits, the idea of the Nora (and the accompanying affiliate revenue from getting viewers to buy a...
  6. Daphne

    Fuck machine that react to tips?

    Hi, I wonder if there it's any machine that reacts with tips and can be used on chaturbate. I saw a few people using it. But I am not sure if they use the controller or really reacts to tips. It's something that made me wonder because I saw one girl that wasn't touching nothing and the...
  7. Jakeen Burney

    Some recommendations on guy sex toys?

    Hello, over the past few months I've been single(and haven't had a sex life) and I was contemplating on buying my first sex toy. Truthfully, I've never brought one in my entire life and always felt they were kinda awkward, the sorta awkwardness you get when you tell someone good by and they...
  8. Lelo1

    motorbunny adds internet control

    Sharing Wireless Control of Your Motorbunny is Easy. 1) Open MB LINK app to instantly connect to Motorbunny. 2) Generate a temporary and anonymous link. 3) Send the LINK to your partner, who can open it in ANY browser on just about any device, no downloads or log ins necessary.
  9. E

    Discount Code for TOYS!!!

    Hi Guys, Im El, a model on Chaturbate. I came across this really great coupon code that would be super helpful for any Canadian Models or anyone in general ( I say CND because shipping costs, you can also have your items sipped to one of their locations near you for free). Toys, lingerie and...
  10. A

    New toys

    Hello all on Amber Cutie land! I’m always in the market for new toys, does anyone have any recommendations? I’ve been looking at the lovense toys, but I’m not sure if I should get the lush, osci, or hush. What do you all think?
  11. Sextoysinventor

    Community Manager Job Opportunity

    We are launching a new brand of sex toys designed specifically to help cam models make more money. The first product will launch in early January. We are looking for a part time community manager to represent our brand on social media, manage partner relationships with early customers/testers...
  12. NikkiLove420

    I know some of you dont like the Lush vibe but what about the Domi?

    I know some of you don't really like the Lovense Lush Vibe but I don't really see anyone talk to much about the Domi. I ordered mine early and received it in the 1st batch they made. So far I really like it but want to hear your thoughts about it. It is the 1st hitachi wand I ever own so I don't...
  13. Lelo1

    MotorBunny adds bluetooth (smartphone) controller

    MotorBUnny has introduced a new controller for MotorBunny that includes bluetooth! And their planning to add support for remote control over the internet. The controllers 199. And the motorbunny is 899. So it's still cheaper then the Sybian. Buuut not by much. Perhaps tip control will be next?
  14. Sextoysinventor

    Who wants ORIGINAL toys?

    I'm Jeff. I'm new here. :joyful: I was designing sex toys for "everyone" until I went to AVN last year and decided that I would rather work on toys specifically for cam models. The models at the show gave me some cool ideas. Now, I have one toy ready to go and I'm trying to figure out who I...
  15. Maxxx

    Question for the ladies

    What's your opinion on toys when it comes to male models. I do have a Hush and it does increase tips significantly. I realize almost all of my viewers are either bi or gay, that doesn't bother me 1 bit, I love my followers! I was just wondering what you would like to see if/when you watch male...
  16. Magdalena

    Small girls toys!

    I am just getting started and a friend told me she is using some hands free holder for her toys, she said her clients love it, does anyone know where I can find this, the link to the websites on the article is not working...
  17. C

    Solo male looking for toys!

    Whats up everyone! I'm branching out solo when not online with my wife. Looking for recommendations for toys that will earn some tips. Dose the "Max" By lovense do as good for males as the lush for females on tips?? Thanks for any input!
  18. Allie_Michexxe

    Turned on but cant get wet or loose?

    The past few times me and my bf have had sex i had felt a little bit of pain (like the kind that its just to big, and he has a 8.5+ inch dick so understandably) but i was also intoxicated so i didn't think much of it. The last time we tried to have sex i got very aroused, but my body didn't show...
  19. Lelo1

    More then I ever wanted to know about lube

    So I stumbled over this article about lubricants. I though some people here might find some of the information useful and or interesting. good lubes are iso-osmoitc , bad lubes are hypo-osmotic or hyper-osmotic pH 4 is vagina friendly ( apposed to lubes...
  20. SinBabyXO


    I get my first check from Streamate today, and I want to spend most of it on improving my show. What do you guys recommend I buy? I don't have any toys, I've never used one actually, how do I go about getting the right one? Is there a "wrong" one? Other than sexy clothes, toys and lube is there...