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returned tokens to account. idk why? bank info is correct.

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Sep 12, 2022
@punker barbie Hi!

ticket number [20354815] my username is DevilsChick

I transferred my tokens on the 15th, received a standard email from CB that they were sent out and should be in my bank on the 20th, however by the 23rd they were still not in my bank.

i emailed CB support, and they said they were returned to my CB account. Said to update my bank info. I checked (3 times) and my information and it was correct. I removed my info and re entered it again.

there was nothing wrong? its now as it was before. im not sure what happened. CB did not inform me of this. I didnt have any warning when i was transferring my tokens.

@punker barbie please help, because i really relied on this money.
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