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I'm Destiny. I have been camming on Streamate since May 2012. I'm also on MFC as of lately, (here for advice before streaming as this set up is way different from Streamate) I'm on a few different clip sites, ManyVids, iwantclip, Customs4U. I've recently jumped into YouTube with my own channel, and am now working with PiggyBankGirls on their YT channel reporting what's hot on the site, and a series of how-to videos for navigating their site.
I've heard sooooo many good things about ACF, I can't believe it took me so long to sign up!
Hi I am Lily. New to MFC as a model. Just very seemingly frustrated by the whole process. Love the job, can't seem to get myself on my feet.
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Hi, I'm ami. :) I'm looking to start camming but currently trying to do some research first.
Hello Everyone. I'm Dolly (or Lolly!) and I just started camming. I'm still getting the hang of it but I'm enjoying it a lot! This forum looks like a nice place to hang out and chat...i've learned a lot by reading some topics and I hope to put that to use soon!!
Hi everyone!~ I'm Viola! I can usually be found on SM. I used to have an approved account on here when I first started camming over a year ago... but I forgot my login details... :bag:

So here I am! From now on I hope to be more regular on here and less of a shy lurker haha :joyful:
Hey All!! I'm Joy. I've been camming on my own for about 6 weeks, and i love it SO much! ive been in and out of the camshow world for the past 5 years. Took a couple years off (foolishly!), refreshed my perspective, and now i am the happiest i have ever been (and so is my Lady Clam!) Haha
I have so many questions, and I am looking forward to being able to use this forum in it's entirety!! :h:
You can normally catch me on CB, occasssionally MFC. Working on figuring out a schedule for myself, am definitely noticing a trend in the days and traffic flow.
Hello Loves :h:
Call me Monica (; I wanted to broaden my horizons and try something new so I recently got into camming. You could find me on I don't really have a set schedule as of right now de to school and homework, but it's really good for pocket money. I'm always looking for ways to better myself as a cam girl and will always accept opinions, suggestions, etc... with open arms.
Show my page some love :h:

Monica Sweet ;)
Hello !

Valine here, french, transgender, and currently gathering information to start camming on CB.
I feel compelled by the social, fun and body-positive aspects of this job.
And hopefully, I'll make enough money to live, so I can spend more time on my personal projects :)

Have a nice day ~
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Hi everyone! My name is Nora. I made an introduction post many moons ago, but life happened and I went a a 3 year hiatus from camming. I'm currently about to start my last semester of college (it took me a while to figure out how to adult). I currently cam on Chaturbate, but I have a MFC account that I've never broadcasted from. I'm waiting until December when school is finally over before I jump on that ship. I've been lurking around here (again) for a few months now and I'm so grateful for this invaluable resource! Camming has helped me to become a less anxious person and I love the ability to make my own schedule. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis along with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (talk about a strange combination). For the most part it doesn't really bother me, but occasionally it sucks a bit. The Ehlers-Danlos makes me pretty flexible which actually helps with the RA, so that's a major plus. I'm a glass-half-full kind of person and genuinely love my life and wouldn't change a single aspect of it and camming has really helped me achieve that outlook.
Hey all, mid-20s nonmodel guy here. Buyer/viewer/etc. I joined basically because I like talking about the camming business & seeing what it's like from the other side. Hoping to find some new people to buy from on here too. :nod:
Hi, everyone! I'm Juniper, brand new to camming. I'm on MFC and CB, and seriously loving it! I feel like it's going well, and I'm having fun, but would love to interact here and also get more ideas and advice. I'm also really good at telling dad jokes.
Hey! Newbie here :) I've worked live fetish shows but no online stuff yet! Trying to learn the ropes... But even with a masters degree these sites are a little complicated Was poking around on streamate and met an adorable sweetheart who told me to come here! Unfortunately none of the other girls were very friendly . I wasn't trying to interrupt work... Just seeing the variety. Excited to learn! Any advice appreciated!
Hi I'm Ari Fenix, and I am getting ready to start streaming. I'm hoping move to the west coast in spring and go to college and use camming to support myself through school. I'm 20 and I have a couple of tattoos and brown green ombre hair. I'm going to a photo shoot/networking event in 3 weeks and my Logitech c920 is on it's way from amazon. I have always been drawn to the adult industries and I'm excited for the opportunity to make higher earnings.
hey guys!! im harley, and i'm a cam model at the moment on flirt4free, which i see many people use MFC and i was wondering what different perks about different websites are! im really into making new friends and sharing tips and tricks with yall ^_^
I guess this is where it starts, so yeah my username pretty much is already there and I pretty much only go to MFC. Been hangin around there for seven or so years now. But this is the name I've stuck with for a few years now.
Oh hello friends :) My name is Ellenor Royal and I'm an MFC cam model. I may be one of the most shy cam models on the face of the planet, so help me change that yeah?
I am KC. I met my now girlfriend (soon to be fiancee) on Chaturbate. So yep...I knew she cammed when I met her. She will be emigrating to Canada from her home country of Colombia as soon as we are married and can begin the immigration process. I only found this forum by accident. But am getting a lot of info from reading the posts, mostly on how I can deal with some of my own issues regarding her camming (despite knowing she cammed when I met her) . My fiancee plans on leaving CB as soon as she can, as she only cams in order to support herself and her two daughters. Anyways...I'm loving this place so far.
Hey there, so I'm Ava! I'm 24 years old and just recently started camming as my full-time job after being a closet exhibitionist for 4+ years. I currently only have experience with MFC but am open to other suggestions. I love teasing to please and am really intrigued by the art that comes with putting on a show. I'm a dorky nerd who loves to play video games (though I've been putting most of my efforts into camming both on cam and behind the scenes), tattoos, EDM, and crafty things. I hope to learn a lot from here (the wiki has already been SO helpful!) and really look forward to getting to know all of you! :D
My name is Calla and I'm still a pretty new cam girl I've only been doing it for about a month now but I've been selling other sex work related things for longer. I love the idea of this forum and I hope I can learn and help any way I can. :h:
Hello. I'm Richard. Looking to help models seeking promotion of their channels to build up followers. I have a program that is free and another paid one I am working on. Looking forward to networking here.
You heard me. Introduce yourself, suckas! Many of you already know each other, but take the opportunity to elaborate here.

PS - Models read the thread here about how to receive model status and access to the cam girl forum section.
Hi I'm fairly new to your site I would love to introduce myself and start networking but where do I do my introduction ☺️☺️