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Youtube videos that make you laugh

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Im looking for a cockadoodie book! LOL

The lady nailed the acting. Makes me wonder how many of the people in there didn't realize what she was doing.
Spot on movie reviews from a futuristic aliens point of view. Rather brilliant commentary.

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I enjoy watching people read cool stuff from Great Authors (it's not stuffy academic stuff which is a relief):

My current favorite actor reading some of the great feelings of the Great James Joyce:

This isn't Youtube, but it might be some day. Dr. Seuss explained by Henry Rollins:

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This is the biggest WTF video I think I've ever seen.
justin roiland reads an actual court transcript from georgia (word for word) in the voices of rick and morty. an animatic shown at san diego.

Evidently the coding on the forum doesn't allow for viewing the full picture height. So here's the Imgur link if anyone wants to follow along with the transcript
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