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Youtube videos that make you laugh

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Cooper has to wait his turn.
StrayObject said:
Took me a minute to figure out why none of the bits at the end are clickable. Turns out that it's a direct copy of the last half of the original here:

Lots of good stuff on their channel.
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Lil Jon cracks me up just being Lil Jon, but I always feel guilty, like when you laugh at a drunk dog, or the hamster you spun in it's clear exercise ball on the linoleum.
This is an oldie, but it still cracks me up

Thermal imaging cameras (used at the airport) pick up farts!
My new goal in life is now to follow Realfartninja around with one of these.
Even if that is impossible, I still am definitely getting myself one of these. This is incredible! Never have I wanted something more.

I feel a bit hypocritical posting this given I've very occasionally fallen prey to a couple of the less stupid stereotypes here since my brain seems to often mysteriously turn off when I watch porn. However, it's still fucking hilarious:
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Since age play is such a hot topic right now:

Oh poor TYT guy. To be honest I thought his joke was hilarious, and I could see myself making the same mistake.
I've been known to make the most cringe-worthy jokes ever though.
For example, if I was there I would have definitely chimed in happily "not me, I turn that volume way up!"
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