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  1. Ivy Adams

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    That's very strange, I've never seen that before. :( I get paid out on ad revenue of every video regardless of whether it is featured or not, so I assume that's still the case.
  2. Ivy Adams

    What happens now with FOSTA?

    The Indictments were released for Backpage yesterday. There are 93 indictments on money laundering and facilitating prostitution and 0 Trafficking charges. It does mention 17 victims of trafficking, but again- ZERO charges for trafficking.
  3. Ivy Adams

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    You make ad revenue on all videos that are under your verified profile. If there are pirated videos email Model Support and ask to have them transferred and the ad revenue back paid to you. :)
  4. Ivy Adams

    What is going on with First Choice?

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  5. Ivy Adams

    Help! My first video

    Good for you for messaging him and letting him know! :) What helps me when I price things out is to not only think about the actual customization of the video, learning the outline/script if they have one, setting the scene etc., but I calculate my time and then I figure out based off what I'm...
  6. Ivy Adams


    The way I figure out pricing is to figure out gross/net profits and also figure out the cost of materials + my time and calculate my hourly average based off different price points. So for example my Valentines package: Total Cost of Materials: $17.59 (This includes everything that has a $...
  7. Ivy Adams

    UniversityLiz SCAM

    I miss Laguna Beach man. I can still hear the intro and I'm still not over Stephen/Lauren/Kristin. Loved Jersey Shore too! What I watch now is Catfish- that show is just... insanely ridiculous and I can't get enough. I'll watch Teen Mom OG if that's on too but really only watch it for the drama...
  8. Ivy Adams

    Using Performer Name on P.O. Boxes?

    I recommend using UPS instead of USPS. UPS will give you an actual street address to use, not a PO box and they also give you a key to enter the building 24 hours a day and get your mail. They let me use my stage name no problem, even on customs forms. :) Call around to different ones in your...
  9. Ivy Adams

    Literally made NO money camming, as in, 0 tokens

    I agree with what everyone else is saying on here. Looks aren't what makes you a successful cam model- the models that you may have watched that make it look easy have worked hard as hell to make it appear that way. You aren't seeing the hours of behind the scenes work that they put in and the...
  10. Ivy Adams

    Alternative pay for customs

    In my opinion, it is never a good business decision to take payments for your business through a source where, from a legal standpoint, you don't have control because you are violating their terms of service. It takes the control of your $ and puts it in the hands of not only paypal/google...
  11. Ivy Adams

    Model Scam MFC

    I think the thing that most people don't realize is that MFC isn't our employer. We are independent contractors. If you went to a mall and a store within that mall didn't deliver something you ordered, would you be able to contact the owners of the actual mall the store was in and demand...
  12. Ivy Adams

    PO Box

    I have a UPS box over a USPS box which I love because it is a street address instead of a PO box- they have my stage name and a couple of my other mainstream businesses attached to it, super easy. When I ship internationally I can use my stage name and my "street addy" on the customs form...
  13. Ivy Adams

    Ideas 4 positive movie about cam models?

    THIS! I think that highlighting the stigma around camming is a must. So many of these movies and documentaries play into the stigma and help further it instead of addressing how harmful it can be to the models personal life and mental health and how much of it is based in un-truths. I agree...
  14. Ivy Adams

    Instagram Rules

    Technically, Instagram doesn't allow you to link anything to adult. If someone reports you, they will most likely take it down and give you a warning before they actually ban your account, but I've heard of situations where they have closed accounts for no reason- so they're kind of a...
  15. Ivy Adams

    Any issues using Chaturbate and Pornhub

    Nope they don't send you anything, and the checks don't say Pornhub anywhere on them :)