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banned account

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  1. B

    Banned account, need help..

    Hello @punker barbie i need your help regarding my blocked account: Bawdytrina, it happened on Wednesday 5 august, a member pop into my room and asked about daughter and father sex topic, to be honest i replied only yes to every each question he asked me sarcastically, as i know i can't talk...
  2. cat_people

    Account banned for unknown reason

    A few days ago my account "cat_people" was banned from chaturbate. I've read on this forum that @punker barbie has helped several people before. Is there anyone who can confirm and share their story? Whatever we did wrong I reviewed the terms and conditions and perhaps we misinterpreted some...
  3. W

    My Account was randomly banned!!! 😔

    Hey who ever is out there to help, my account “whynotbruzu” has been banned for no apparent reason. Can someone let me know why it happened or what to do to fix it. I’m simply a viewer and have never done anything wrong, well that’s what I think. PLEASE un ban me ASAP as I really want to get...
  4. M

    Account Banned

    Issues: We were banned and we don't know why, we are always trying not to violate any of the Chaturbate rules although we have difficulties understanding specifically about all the rules. We would like to know if we can recover our account in any way and know about the balance we have there. I...
  5. M

    Account banned

    Issues: We were banned and we don't know why, we are always trying not to violate any of the Chaturbate rules although we have difficulties understanding specifically about all the rules. We would like to know if we can recover our account in any way and know about the balance we have there. I...
  6. R

    Couple banned for too violent but don't know what specifically.

    @punker barbie Hi, my friends are young russian couple who came to live in USA and trying to make a living as models. They are dom/sub couple who switch. Their chaturbate show became really popular very quick but then it gets banned for "too violent". It seems that the viewers think she is in...
  7. E

    Account Banned for Age Verification :(

    Hello! my partner and I just ser uo our account and it got banned within the first hour. We both submitted our age verifications. I emailed and recieved no reply, I really dont want to make a whole new account for this to work. Please someone help!
  8. HarleyQCutie

    Banned for Chaturbate thinking my girlfriend is a MAN

    While my girlfriend was getting ready to chat with me I was already broadcasting. Then my account got locked and when I asked, they thought my girlfriend was a man because of her shaved head :)))) @punker barbie please assist me. We've submitted the verification forms for both of us but they...
  9. babykalina

    Banned After Carnival Outfit

    Hi @punker barbie and hi to everyone! I work in CB since August 2019 and everything is been pretty good. Now it's Carnival time and i was doing a carnival party with an outfit, basically i was "cosplaying" like a naughty nun without any acessories related to religion or offensive to the terms...
  10. K

    new account blocked?

    Hello Good Morning @punker barbie I'm a model and my account is: melina_hank I just created an account, total new mind, and I block the account? I don't understand why they're blocking me if the account is totally new, I just uploaded my clear, good-resolution identity papers that certify...
  11. G

    account banned for no reason

    my chaturbate account was banned without me doing anything wrong, and I still lost my 1200 tokens, I am very disappointed with the site, more and more discouraged, I did nothing wrong, please help me, I already tried to contact them without success. my user: lygatoyl
  12. H

    Why is my Chaturbate Account Banned

    Hello all , just logging to broadcast today , and up comes "Account Banned" Now its really frustrating cause i have coins that i earned on my account , and i find it strange that after all this time of having no problems and my best rating yet at 100% and over 8k followers im banned?, like...
  13. L

    Account banned: Payment

    Hello ACF, @punker barbie Issue: My account was banned "due to suspected violation of our terms of service." (I don't understand what I have done this wrong to get banned right away without any warning) Most importantly, I have more than $935 USD in that account. Can someone please give me a...
  14. peachyslutx

    Account banned: The person you submitted ID for was already approved on this account.

    Hello, I have a problem with my Chaturbate account (peachyslutx). My account got banned because I sent a licence that wasn't accepted. So I started over and sent a scan of my passport and a picture of me it holding it to my face as instructed. Since I hadn't gotten a response for a long time I...
  15. NicoleValley1

    Chaturbate Account Banned - Sub_NicoleValley

    @punker barbie Hey, My account name on chaturbate is Sub_NicoleValley A friend of mine told me you could possibly help me or give advise on what I should do. We had a power outage while I was broadcasting, and I was waiting for power to come back on. I accidently fell asleep during the outage...
  16. Caroline Keye

    Chaturbate Account Banned - Caroline Keye

    @punker barbie My account name is caroline_keye I've already sent you an email but Perseus told me it would be better to reach out to you on here and I can't seem to send a PM because I'm not super active on this site. I just want my account unbanned as I haven't broken any of chaturbates...
  17. F

    account banned

    hi shirley , recently my cb account (fahad1332) got banned i have contact with support and they said i have violated their terms and conditions but i have doe nothing wrong, im depending on cb can you please have look on my account and help me to unban it. thanks in advance.
  18. OldHippy

    Chatrubate is not banning an account

    Chaturbate really baffles me, after reading stories that CB bans models just for having a haircut I was told this story by a friend who use to work at a studio in Colombia. My friend told me that she recently acrimoniously parted ways with the studio she was working for. After she left, the...
  19. E

    Account Banned for no reason

    I started at CB in december 2016, I made shows during two months and stopped until last weekend because of university. I did 3 shows (2 in pvt) last weekend, and yesterday I tried to login in my account and I there was a message saying that my account was banned. I sent lots of e-mails for the...