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chaturbate banned

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  1. bawdytrina

    Banned account, need help..

    Hello @punker barbie i need your help regarding my blocked account: Bawdytrina, it happened on Wednesday 5 august, a member pop into my room and asked about daughter and father sex topic, to be honest i replied only yes to every each question he asked me sarcastically, as i know i can't talk...
  2. L

    Chaturbate is the most disorganized site and the team is silent and allows the site to become a bad experience

    A few months ago I came across this site, at first I liked it because it has several beautiful models, I followed several male and female models, during this experience I realized something that in my point of view is offensive and dishonest with the followers: the performance of inappropriate...
  3. S

    Account Banned

    Hi, I am very sorry, but logging in yesterday at 13 my time, such information was waiting for me. Account Banned We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service. You may only broadcast from a private location. Please move to a more private area before you resume...
  4. mally_cooperr

    Chaturbate Account banned with out explain? been working 2 years

    Hello I would like some help, i had been working with my account for 2 years, and today i got banned with out explained or a single warning, i was broadcasting in my room in a password show with one of my tippers, and suddenly i got banned and now i cant use my account, i sent a mail to support...
  5. H

    age verification fails on chaturbate :(

    Hello, We (couple) try to verificate our account on chaturbate. maybe @punker Barbie can help us?? We get the message: Reason: this person is already age verified on your account.... but we can't broadcast because our account has been banned due the age verification.. what can we do...