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  1. J

    What Would You Like To see in a New Video selling site?

    Hey There! I'm new to this site, but not new in the industry. We are starting a new video selling site for Femdom + Fetish videos. The company will be located in the EU. I would love to know from first hand, what are your current struggles with the options available today, like manyvids and...
  2. MilaRose

    Is XHamster & Clips4Sale Owned By Same Management?

    I randomly cam across this page that makes it seem like XHamster and Clips4Sale are run or owned by the same people/company. I know a lot of cam sites do this. Just curious, does anyone know? Here's the link I found that has me wondering:
  3. Pira

    Customs on C4S?

    a post geared toward other models- how do you personally approach customs from people through c4s? I've done many customs through mv, but I've just been approached about a custom through c4s (well, through email but they found me on c4s?) for the first time, I'm just curious what the etiquette...
  4. Pira

    Clips4sale newbie

    hi! I hope it's ok to post this in "cam chat" because I didn't see a section for clip sites. I started a clipstore on c4s this week (after being on manyvids for 9 months) and I'm pretty jazzed. I guess I'm just posting to see if anyone has general "things I wish I knew when I started"...
  5. Miss Honey Analvekehr

    Clips4sale, manyvids, iwantclips, adult work; how girls doing on them these days?

    I know c4s vs mv has been done before but as far as im aware these threads are pretty old -how are girls finding them in 2018? Has changes to either sites actually helped or harmed your sales? Does anyone use the smaller sites like Iwantclips and adultwork and actually reach payout? Ive...
  6. Daphny Meyer

    Thoughts on C4S

    One of my friends opened a C4S store and it seems to be going really good. I'm just curious what are your thoughts. Is she lucky or it really works?
  7. Guy

    I found a bizarre C4S related subreddit

  8. SatanJonez

    Bonnie's fetish & femdom Snapchat

    NOTE: I totally stole a majority of the rules from the lovely @AmberCutie's Snapchat takeover since it seems to work so well and usually run really smoothly. Soooo... What? I noticed awhile ago that there wasn’t really any takeover accounts for fetish/FemDom clip makers & cam girls. It seems...
  9. E

    A question on custom videos (very law-related) - manyvids/clips4sale etc.

    So there's a model I met on streamate who is pretty fun playing with and I found out she has a manyvids account. Naturally, recording live/private sessions is not allowed so I was delighted to see that she had a manyvids store. Manyvids allows you to commission a custom video for a certain fixed...
  10. vanessasenju

    Ideas for clips/clip makers

    Im in sort of a rut here. Im usually pretty good at coming up with ideas for clips like cosplaying and roleplaying but lately i have no inspiration, almost like my creative juices dried up. Where do you all get your ideas from? Also, im considering buying costumes instead of making them, which...
  11. lolaloliepop

    Manyvids vs. Clips4sale

    I'm starting over with camming and in my redo of researching I think I'm going to brave up and start making some vids before I start up again on mfc (and then maybe link to my store on there??? haven't figured out if that or tokens would be better) And I'm looking at clips4sale and manyvids...