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  1. Aurora911

    Chaturbate (Bongacams) Profile Designer

    Is there any good tool out there, to make a good Design for CB and Bonga (without HTML knowledge) and use that? espescially im searching for something thats not working cloud only (subscription based stuff that I found) because when it's cancelled everything with links / pictures stored there...
  2. internetbabe

    HELP! removing code. cannot access Edit My Profile

    Hello, I'm new and trying to set up my cam profile. In searching for HTML to use I came across this code for a background image for chaturbate and entered it into my wish list section. <img src=" " style="position:fixed; width:2560px;top:0px;left:0px;z-index:-1;" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"...
  3. IvyBrooks

    Let me pimp out your camming profile!!

    Hey y'all! I design graphics! I can create all the graphics for your Chaturbate profile, your Niteflirt profile, your anything profile! I can make you a flashy GIF banner, I can make you a custom logo/watermark, I can make graphics for your personal website, and much more! Not only will I...
  4. Dan202

    Revamp other model's profile page? How to do it smart

    It is well known and common practice among models (and some web designers) to "revamp" a model's profile page (or bio page). No, I am not talking about cloning which in this context means 100% similar design and content but re-using the same code without permission. On this "issue" there are...
  5. AudreySparks

    Sort of new to camming? Few questions!

    Basically I use to cam on MFC couple years ago and quit for awhile. Wasn't big or anything but decided to start all over now with a new name and account. Wasn't on MFC very long, maybe a month and a half or 2? But I have a few questions.... What are some game/countdown ideas that are usually a...
  6. Nausiica

    In Search of Graphic Design Artist!

    I know I know, there are lots and lots of threads already about profile help and all that jazz, but when looking through them, (and it may just be me) I'm having trouble finding recent posts (most are from years ago) of camgirls and members alike advertising graphic design services. So I thought...
  7. DejaElectra

    I made some free social icons for you to use!

    Hi there, I hope this is ok to post and that this is the right place to post this. Over the past few days I have been working on a camgirl friendly social icon pack and I wanted to share it all with you. Most of the time when searching for free social icons they don't include any adult industry...
  8. NoraSkyes

    A little help with my layout?

    I found the most elegant layout and I fell in love with it. Currently I am using a base yet it simply isnt working for me any longer. Is anyone willing to help me to design a similar layout as to one I am in love with?
  9. VermillionV

    Going Out To All The Geeks

    Hey Guys! Okay so basically I've gone and completely revamped my profile, and everything is great except one thing... I want to make a "contact" button, members would click it and it opens MFC mail, but I just can't seem to get the link correct!!! What link do I need? Somebody must know...