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  1. U

    MFC model not sure if I should give up.

    I have been using mfc for about a month now, but I have only been on a total of 8 times. When I first started, on my first night, I walked away with $110 made in under two hours. I was shocked and so happy. The next night was almost the same amount, and so was the following night. The fourth...
  2. NoraSkyes

    Are Amazon Gift Cards Safe/Legit

    Hey girls I have a question about using Amazon Gift Cards as a form of payment. For years I have always been very strict about my payments, it always had to be upfront and in a solid form that I knew had no risks but today a regular has come to me asking if I accepted Amazon Gift Cards for...
  3. KarmaKittyy

    I feel so stupid... chaturbate scammed

    I know this is going to me me look really dumb but oh well I'm pissed and sad and I want to vent. Today was my second day on CB and I got hardcore tricked. I was in pm with a viewer and he was tipping me and it was great blah blah blah and he asked about what he called a "password show". You...
  4. MilaRose

    ExtraLunchMoney Admins Screwing Me Over

    I seriously can't take this anymore. I'm about to go balistic and have a mental break down. Why do over 50% of adult websites have to be run so poorly with admins that just don't give a sht. The back story. ExtraLunchMoney has a rule that if a buyer doesn't complete the escrow when a model...
  5. L


    he's on MFC scamming girls, saying he will pay after the c2c. Points out his 18k point score, and since 2005 longterm membership. total dick.
  6. KingMarti

    Phishing warning

    So a member came in my room, tipped 1 token with the message "Hello. Why is this girl complaining about you... [URL redacted] Do you know her" the domain looks like a chatrurbate domain, chaturbate.[non chaturbate domain extension] Member account: aleja_gomez They proberly have other...
  7. T

    Recorded shows posted as live cams

    Hi all, I'm a journalist writing about a scam on a major porn website where recorded shows are being posted as live cams. Viewers - thinking they're interacting with the performers - are tipping and paying for private shows. The website knows about the fake channels but hasn't removed them. I...
  8. porcelainprincess-xxx

    Does this seem like a scam?

    New to camming, I pretty much get the gist of how to identify a scammer *i think* lol. But I just want to double check my gut instinct with people who've been around a while to be safe.
  9. MilaRose

    Can We Get A Model Run Custom Site?

    Can we please get a model run custom video site where sellers are protected! If there is one, can I join lol. If anyone is working on one, I would also love to help in any way I can. Us models deserve to have some kind of protection against scamming buyers and injust support on adult platforms...
  10. angryoldllama

    What do you in a situation where a model refuses to send a custom video you already paid for?

    This is for chaturbate specifically, one of my favorite sites. I have bought customs in the past using tokens. Most of the models are awesome and nothing went wrong. But there have been several cases where a model simply promises to make me a custom video, takes the tokens and leaves me in the...
  11. S

    Chaturbate .. bot army?

    This one was new to me, at least. Member - grey of course - came into my favorite model's CB room last night, and told her to PM him so he could tell her the secret to success on CB. She talked him into just speaking in main chat, where he offered the following sales pitch: "So, you know how...
  12. Macroscelidea

    Western Union - Punishment for a scammer?

    One guy on Cam4, who is from Lebanon suggested me Western Union to send me money. He can only use Western Union, because he can't have a normal bank account. Why? He said He said that he want to help me and he even asked me how much money I have and how much more I need to pay my bills. LOL...
  13. Rachel Lee Ray

    Scammers - A Thread To Keep Track?

    Hey All, So today someone attempted to scam us into giving them a show on skype. They contacted us through Twitter and offered a couple ways of payment including Amazon GC's and Google Pay. After numerous dm's back and forth, me trying to get him to use CB's payment method or trying to get...
  14. J

    Got scammed by a CB-Model

    Hey, I‘m JJ Sulu and this is the main reason I registered here: I was chatting with a model on CB, asked her in some tipnotes some questions, whether she is into some things or not. We started to PM, where she offered me a Password-Show for 450 tkn for 30 minutes. I was okay with, told her that...
  15. C

    Let's talk about a blatant exploit that chaturbate refuses to address.

    Ok so let me preface this by saying I really did not want to post this here, because I actually really like chaturbate. I've met a lot of really cool people, spent a lot of money and had a lot of fun the past two years on cb. I've even gotten some of my more open minded kink oriented female...
  16. C

    Get a Cam Girl Banned or Move On

    I’ve pretty much have made up my mind but was just curious on your thoughts. A couple months ago my 1yr “relationship” ended with a cammodel. I spent pretty much everyday with her and thought we had a wonderful “mutual relationship” till shit got crazy. Basically I got the “sob story” of how her...
  17. Fatquack

    Great opportunity for models!!!!

    Are you tired of shady characters offering you jobs or deals in exchange for Skypes, free videos or pictures and such? Are you worried that some deal might be a scam? Here is the perfect deal for you! No need to send me videos, pictures or free Skypes! Just sign up for my free program! Start...
  18. M

    "LiveGirl" Camsite Twitter DM // SCAM ALERT

    I received this DM on Twitter that looks pretty suspicious. I am afraid to click his sketchy link, so I'm not 100% certain it's a scam, but I am 99% sure and here's why... >>> THE RED FLAGS <<< 1. The message comes from a Twitter user who doesn't follow me and I don't follow them, making...
  19. MilaRose

    ELM Custom Scams?

    Hi AmberCuties! :) So, I am knew to ELM and have been doing my first few jobs since signing up and getting approved... all has gone well until I had to deal with one particular buyer. To put it simply, this buyer had me do a job for him of 15 photos for 15 credits. He said he would have me do...
  20. E

    I got scammed!

    I've been a cam model for Chaturbate for almost half a year now. I first got to know the website by a guy, he said he worked for a Chaturbate agency. I just found out that it was just a group of people that tried to take some profits from the models like me. I did some research of how much...