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  1. PrincessAria

    Terrible Troll/Scam Attempts

    Ok so I wanted to make this post for two reasons. One being it'll probably bring a lot of laughs but most importantly it'll shed light on things cam girls need to be aware of. So I was just on cam and I had someone ask about Skype. Although I'm new, I've done a ton of research on this site to...
  2. M

    Quixotic_One Scam

    Hi guys, for people who google stuff before getting cam shows or just generally frustrating with some of the cam systems. I am report a cam girl called "Quixotic_One" on MFC (myfreecams) who scammed me just now. Had me send her an amazon giftcard in exchange for a show. We worked out a price and...
  3. S

    Moderators must be more clear

    Avoid Juliaiva on CB. Her mods will con you into tipping for password shows that you won't get access to even if you have been a heavy tipper. Her room is a scam. Beware
  4. MimiChibi

    Have you heard of the Amazon Wishlist scam? Or is it just me??

    I hope I did this right... So I don't know if this is a new scam or one that is just so old that no one talks about it anymore and I have never seen it, but here we go. I recently had a viewer on Chaturbate ask me for a private chat in exchange for something from my wishlist. I honestly expected...
  5. K

    I think model ripped me off

    I think I have been ripped off . I made ask for a custom to made by a model on MFC. sent her the details of what I would like, and whether she is comfortable doing it and also to get the fee for making such a custom video. The model replied stating it is something she is comfortable doing...
  6. K

    Advice please! Scam or no?

    I was hoping to get some help/advice determining if this is fraud or legitimate. This will be my first go at this so I have no idea what I'm doing quite yet. Here is our conversation. I agreed to film with her for $100 per show. She told me I needed to buy a name in order to move forward...
  7. Guy

    Porn Fraud Scheme Could Send Man Away for 10 Years

    Interesting story:
  8. MixxedOtaku

    Super persistent client. Scam?

    So on while broadcasting I got in contact with a guy who wanted to do private show with me but outside of chatturbate. Understandable they want to pay outside so they can get more for their money. I said id look into making a Skype/google hangout/ Yahoo messenger. I later informed him I...
  9. Mira_xo

    Online Cam Model "Awards" : Scam or Worthwhile?

    Lately, I have been seeing a lot of online-based cam model "award" companies. For example, there are "Cammy Awards" as well as "Miss Halloween," "Miss Christmas" (and I'm not talking about MJ here!), all ran by the same company. There are also a few other pay-to-vote companies I have seen giving...
  10. IvyBrooks

    How to avoid scammers when doing Skype shows - a little advice

    I recently encountered a scammer while negotiating a Skype show. Luckily for me I knew how to identify the scam, so the scammer didn't succeed. But I thought I'd post some tips on doing Skype shows for other girls who may not be as aware of these scams. 1. I read that most camgirls only accept...
  11. L

    Am I Simply Being Gullible?

    I have been actively talking to a Romanian Cam Model for 14 months now. I have never seen her naked. Have only talked. She says she hates the business and plans on leaving the industry at Christmas. I am planning on meeting her. She says the rules exclude her from meeting me until she leaves the...
  12. D

    Issue with camsite - accusing me of fraud WTF? 0_o

    Hello fellow perverts. This is my first post and sad it can't be one that's on a brighter note. So I recently decided to give up on playing with cam models completely and wanted to close my cam member account. I don't want to mention the site though. I asked support to close my account since a...
  13. Violet Winter

    Models Alert!

    Check if you have ever been tipped on myfreecams by lifeloverg. He tipped me almost a year ago for a video and he has posted a week ago on a public porn site. Send me a msg to let you know his profile link to see if your video has been posted, I have seen a couple of other videos there from...
  14. BarelyCharlie

    Security Advice

    This is Charlie, again. I'm a cam girl since... I think it's three months by now, but it has happened a lot of things since I got here, and I wanted to share to you something. I've been hacked and scammed a couple of times; my email got hacked, my facebook account, and I had to delete...
  15. emilyjoyxxx

    Got Scammed.. PLEASE READ!!!!! SCAM WARNING TO OTHERS!! (MFC) New Model Mistake!

    Do not have your skype username the same as your username on to find out why... Random people just search me on there and try to talk to me and add me. Had a random guy skype message me saying "Hi Emily Joy, i'd like to add you as a contact,,hi would you like to do a skype show for...