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2022 Movie of the Year

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Jun 8, 2022
What was your favorite new movie that came out this year? And bonus question, or if you didn't watch any new movies this year, what was your favorite movie that was new to you that you watched this year?

My favorite 2022 movie was Flux Gourmet. It was a strange dark comedy about an art collective that put on food and cooking based performances. It stars Gwendoline Christie as the collective's financial patron, and is directed by Peter Strickland who directed Berberian Sound Studio and has similar vibes to that.


My favorite new-to-me movie was Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion - a Japanese exploitation movie released in 1972 about a woman who gets betrayed by her cop lover and sent to prison. She has to survive prison life and is out for revenge. It's extremely stylish and entertaining, and I've watched it over and over since I saw it. There's sequels, but I haven't even watched them yet because I'd always just rather rewatch the original lol.


How about you?
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Everything Everywhere All At Once was fantastic and something really unique/different in a lot of ways.

Prey was one I didn't think I'd like - not into the predator movies at all but it was super entertaining.

I also really liked The Glass Onion - though not as much as the first one Knives Out.
I didn’t watch a ton of new movies this year, but I gotta say the Top Gun sequel was way better than those kinds of sequels usually are. I enjoyed it.
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I thought the new Will Smith movie 'Emancipation' was excellent! 👍
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I think the only movie released in 2022 I even watched was Hellraiser. I even looked it up, to see if there were any other movies I'd seen. Nope. It's kinda depressing to realize just how indifferent to new movies I've become in recent years.

I guess that makes Hellraiser my "Best Movie" pick for 2022. Good thing I liked it, lol.

Maybe I could spend the next couple days watching some other 2022 movies, and come back to this thread. That seems like a nice way to spend New Year.
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I forgot the best one!!!

The Menu

I went in blind, and that really helped it. One of the most original horror movies I've seen in years and deals with sex work in a really good way
I just watched this and I loved it. I also went in totally blind apart from your recommendation and it was really surprising and well written.
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