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account banned since 2020 (help me)

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Oct 3, 2022
@punker barbie I hope you are very well and you can read my case that I have been having a problem that I think is an error since 2020
I tell you a little to post about my career on chaturbate.

in the year 2020 he began in a study as part of the chaturbate platform, which opened an account for me with my "citizenship card" which was provided by the government of my country, a study in which it lasted only 5 days, it happened weeks and enter another studio which again opened my account with the same legal document, and lasted around 5 or 6 months there, in January 2021 I decided to be an independent model and work from the comfort of my home, after spending 3 or 4 months, chaturbate bans my permanent account from the platform and the reason for chaturbate "forgery or fraud" something that I have never done in my life, I always work legally and others, I let a few months go by to be able to get my passport and have another document to be able to verify my identity so chaturbate would see that if I am real and it is my document provided by the government, in November 2021 I was able to obtain my passport and having both documents as "citizenship card" and "passport" 10 0% legal, I saw people and provided by the government, chaturbate decides to send me the same answer again, today try again as the months go by since I see that chaturbate has a new verification method and I wanted to try it, since it would improve the way to verify and see what my identity is 100% but again I receive the same email, it seems a bit unfair to me because they banned me with more than 16,000tk, I never committed or violated the terms and conditions, I never used another document, I was always legal with my accounts on the platform I would like to know some recommendation about what I should do?

because I invested more than $1500 dollars in equipment and other elements to be able to work on the platform and now they banned me and it makes me sad and a little in debt :(

happy day to all and thank you for taking the time to read my case, it would help me a lot if you responded and recommended something! :inlove:
Please provide your username or ticket number so I may pass it along to our Support team
hey @punker barbie thanks for answering, the ticket number with which I have communicated these last years is: "18774777" or my username "FROHAN"

I really hope to have a solution or an answer, since I have two good documents provided by the government such as "passport" and "citizenship card" valid and legal, and with both documents I always receive the same answer, I am aware of the response. :snooze:
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@punker barbie Hello, I hope you are well today, I have not yet been answered about my case :(
As I said before, I do not want to recover the previous accounts, I just want to be able to create a single account that I can verify with my document and be able to work after two years without being able to do so on the platform.
do you think there is a chance with this?
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