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Jan 26, 2022
Hello Good day @punker barbie
My nickname on Chaturbate: anny_toto
I have a problem with age verification.

I attached, as requested, a scan of the passport (international) and a photo of the face + passport, I did everything as written in the instructions on the Chaturbate website.
They answered me: "ID is not valid. Reason: Need a 2nd form of ID"

I contacted Chaturbate support (request 19000189).
I was told "If available, we suggest you upload a valid Government-Issued ID."

There are 2 identification documents in my country: a passport (international) and a national identity card ("valid Government-Issued ID")

I attached it. BUT, in our national ID card there are 2 sides: 1 side - full name, date of birth, ID number; 2 side - expiration date. I scanned both sides of it with one document and attached it. Then I attached a photo of 1 side + face, BUT the chaturbait still replied: "ID is not valid. Reason: Need a 2nd form of ID". My documents are valid, they meet all state and international standards, help me! Please!

P.S. When I took a photo of the ID from 1 side (without 2 sides), they answered me "ID is not valid. Reason: Missing front and/or back of ID".
I can't attach more than 1 photo in "High quality scan of ID."


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Another broadcaster that is trying to live a better life by using the platform and they won't even follow their own guidelines They are the worst and karma will return their deeds to them.
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