MFC change model from one studio to other

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Hello guys,

i have a webcam studio, one girl triwd to start working with us few days ago. She was working in other studio until June, when i tried to create the Account, MFC answered that model already has an Account and should work with it.

My question is, what should i do to be able to activate the model account into my studio? she doesn't want to continúe working with the other studio, should the other studio close the Account or do u have what do we need to do yo get the model account associated to my studio?



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Apr 14, 2015
Step 1) Read the current agreements / contracts in place with the studio she's been performing with. There might be some language on no-compete's in there.

I do know there's sites that will transfer accounts from one studio to another, or transfer an independent account to a studio account. Off the top of my head I can't remember which ones will or will not. Might want to read through the MFC wiki and see if you can't find any info and contact support on the matter.
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