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  1. tekwolf

    Would love to hear your opinions about it

    Ok i am modding for a while now on cb and in most cases it is an easy job the model set her guidelines pretty good and clear and also use notice to post them. The only thing we do miss is the option for mods to ban mostly when she bans (promoting performers/haters) is always when she is busy...
  2. Smores

    How to Clear Recent Chat From a Banned MFC Member

    I read a thread earlier today on ACF that complained that you could ban a member on MFC but not clear any offensive chat from that member. Unfortunately that thread is closed for further comment. I just noticed in reading the MFC documentation on the /ban command that there is a way to clear...
  3. Sarah de Rose

    Hepl! Ban by chatrubate

    Good morning! I need help. Last night I did my show on chatrubate, site where I work for a month. This morning I find myself banned with this message "Your cam has been blocked as a result of concerns regarding compliance with our terms and conditions. Please note that we have zero tolerance for...
  4. D

    Any issues using Chaturbate and Pornhub

    I know CB allows you to use other cam sites it's not an exclusivity deal, but what about sites like Pornhub. Can the same videos be posted there or do they have to at least be different than what is uploaded on CB? Can they ban accounts advertising through PH, do you avoid giving web addresses...
  5. lostboy

    My VERIFIED Chaturbate account got banned

    I recently age-verified an account (in a pretty tedious and painstaking process, I might add). The problem is that I had an account before that from the same IP that i didn't verify and which got banned. To temporarily fix this I was using a private window in Firefox which doesn't store cookies...
  6. Rivaille

    Yet another Chaturbate (ban) rant :/

    Unlike some of the complaints, my account was not banned due to age verification issue. In my case, however, the ban feels to me like it was Chaturbate showing their absolute authority over their performer which leaves me quite dumbfounded. Anyways, I started broadcasting earlier this year...
  7. Xena Ray

    PLEASE HELP me ,thanks

    Hello everyone! kinda new to this ,i don t really know how it works but i need help. How can i BAN A member on livejasmin from the model center,not directly online from the app?! I went to the members section,it only shows infos and notes but no ban button... Thanks!:) should i just call the...
  8. kiutie

    There is a chance to get paid from chaturbate if I'm banned?

    Hello, how is your day? Mine is just fine. I got banned on chaturbate for "look underage" and I already understand that since I'm not from USA they can't believe on my official ID, so I cannot do anything for get unban (even when I'm 25 y/o) Oh well...I had less than one month on the site so I...
  9. B

    I was banned for looking underage on Chaturbate.

    I was reported for looking underage and was banned from Chaturbate. Has this happened to anybody and does anybody have any advice. Is there anything I can do to get my account back and prevent this from happening again? I have e-mialed CB support many time, but they just tell me there is nothing...
  10. Guy

    Can a model be banned for homophobic language?

    Can a model be banned from MFC or SM for homophobic language?
  11. W

    Ban by mistake?

    Hello, my nickname is Workinandout and I'm new to chaturbate, I streamed one time (pretty successfully I think) and then waited a couple of days before the second stream. I was checking my account a few times and it was fine but the very moment I decided to stream from my friend's laptop I got...
  12. TimTheShyBoy

    So I got banned from CB while modding...

    I'm a CB model since november 2015, and I was banned in an instand along with my friend that I was modding at the time. The reason they give is that I look too young, I already saw one thread here about "too young" ban from an angry grey user. My friend just started on CB and was banned on about...
  13. Showtime Studio

    Chaturbate account Banned

    Hello all, I have a problem with Chaturbate, all our Studio models account were banned and are not able to watch any other cam. The accounts are verified and able to receive tokens, also the money is transferred to studio account each day. But they cannot watch cams. I tried contacting...
  14. MojitosJourney

    Hitting the "ban button" on people in your life.

    Since I started working as a webcam model this July, I learned pretty quickly the importance of "banning" harmful people who were in my chatroom. If someone was racist, abusive, manipulative, disrespectful, trying to use me, or any other kind of behavior that didn't fly with me, I learned how I...
  15. furryfeli

    multiple warnings from MFC admin, help!

    hey y'all, long time lurker, first time poster (just made my ACF acct a few minutes ago)- i'm concerned about the warning/suspension/ban system on mfc and wondering if any models have had first hand experience with receiving mutiple warnings, etc? or suspensions? i've received two warnings for...