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  1. Melissa90Sweet

    chaturbate banned

    Hi there @punker barbie , i don't know why chaturbate banned my account, my old ID expired and after i uploaded the new one, i got banned. After talking with support they asked for a second form of ID to verify my age but i was unable to upload it since my account is banned. I prepared...
  2. A

    Got banned and can’t unblock the account

    Hello @punker barbie My account has been banned banned 5 days ago. I guess because I logged in from a new device. I wrote to support but support just don’t react to this. Can you please help me with this or let me at least know reasons of ban. Here’s 2 accounts mine and my friend’s. Asian_arya...
  3. rodrigo_brazilian

    Account blocked, help me

    Hello everyone, I will be very brief. My chaturbate account was blocked for no reason, I had stopped live for some time due to lack of time, but recently I received a high price of 700 and 4000 tokens asking me to come back, (I saw by email) as the value eh very high I decided to come back...
  4. A

    Unlock a studio account with more than 1000 models

    Hello dear Shirley @punker barbie! I was texting you, but I didn't get an answer, so I'm trying to find you here. I am AlisaMay. My studio account: . Tickets with case concerning this account are 17429642, 17439258, 17462906, 17485180. I write to you because I...
  5. HollyExtra

    Ban after studio ban, is there a possibility to get a response from support?

    Hello. The story is not new, I have already seen the same in thread of @Astrid_Magnussen . The questions I would like to ask are, in general, similar to many that have been asked above. But my main task is to try to get help. The studio account was banned, all model accounts were banned too. As...
  6. A

    Studio account banned = permanent ban from CB??

    Hello @punker barbie and everybody. I wanted to share a story about a problem that me and some other models have recently encountered. I used to work for a studio, which went defunct at the end of February, due to some legal trouble concerning its organizers. Some time later I found out that...
  7. 1

    banned for chaturbate..can you help

    hi @punker barbie can you please help account was banned while i was in mid conversation with a friend that i have chatted with for year....i contacted support but no response to restoring my account. can you please help...i have rooms to mod and can't due to this ban. request # 17323958...
  8. S

    Unreasonable ban

    Hello, in mid-January my account was blocked, without giving any reason or any warnings, after a long correspondence with support, they finally said that the reason for the ban was that "We have reason to believe that you provided us with a modified identification or helped others to provide us...
  9. C

    Banned account from CB

    Good day username: cumshot_1986 I had the account from 5 years and broadcast in regular basis . An too bought some tokens sometimes. I dont had any issue until some people tip me 750 tks or more in a day. some days ago i banned from chaturbate and contact the support for know the reasons and...
  10. G

    Help Resolve Account Ban

    Hello at @punker barbie I am trying to get my account: thefear20, unbanned. I have been an active member since 2016 and had a similar occurrence happen back in June 2017. I've been streaming ever since without indecent until Jan 9th 2021. Assistance with this matter would be greatly...
  11. B

    account ban

    i’ve been banned about 2 years ago i think and i was wondering if there is a way i can find out who im following on that account, i’m not asking to be unbanned but that would make it easier. can you help me Punker Barbie? username: bhaawt
  12. bawdytrina

    Banned account, need help..

    Hello @punker barbie i need your help regarding my blocked account: Bawdytrina, it happened on Wednesday 5 august, a member pop into my room and asked about daughter and father sex topic, to be honest i replied only yes to every each question he asked me sarcastically, as i know i can't talk...
  13. squirtalot

    How to not get banned on Chaturbate?

    I've spent the last few days carefully reviewing CB's TOS and here's my conclusion so far: DON'T --- talk about / pretend to be underage --- fall asleep / pretend to sleep on cam --- engage in incest related conversations with viewers ---...
  14. hey_eerneh

    Banned Account

    Hi there @punker barbie, I was wondering if you could help figure out why my account was banned? (My CB username is the exact same as ACF) Currently all it says on CB is a really vague 'banned' message. :( Additionally, is there a process I have to follow to have it unbanned? I don't really...
  15. angryoldllama

    Chaturbate "Your IP has been blocked." message in chat.

    Hi folks. I get his message on chaturbate when I try to type in chat. Any idea what's the deal? Thanks. And I can still log in and all that. Just can't chat.
  16. JigglesJane

    How to Permanently Ban?

    Hello Friends, I was wondering if there is a means to permaban members from your chat and profiles? I worry about obsessive users returning after the ban has expired. It is not unheard of. Any normal person would just move on, but we know how it goes in this line of work. Am I missing...
  17. Tjalan1029

    chaturbate Banned Me

    I don't understand why chaturbate banned me. They sent a notice saying something about my age verification, but I'm 58 years old and I sent them a copy of my ID so I could broadcast and get paid and they banned me. Does anyone know how to contact punker barbie?
  18. I

    My Account Was Banned

    Hello community, my account iamtheproblemsolver was banned on Chaturbate this morning.I have created this account today and bought tokens. After spending some tokens on a broadcaster and opening my cam, so she should C2C with me, I got banned. I already have sent a scan of my ID and myself to...
  19. best1offer

    Chaturbate affiliate - account problem

    Hello @punker barbie, I've been promoting Chaturbate for more than 2 and half years and we both made money together during this time.(I pushed the 20% revshare program) My chaturbate username is: "best1offer" Today when I logged in to see the daily stats I got a error message...
  20. Anas_Moria

    Banned for switching accounts

    Hey @punker barbie ! My Chaturbate name is count_of_count_18 Maybe you remember me... ^^'' Now I´ve got banned again for switching between accounts. It would be very kind of you if you could unban me. I will not switch accounts again.