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  1. A

    My account has been blocked for no reason, I ask for your help @punker barbie

    Good afternoon, my account DinaaBolton is in a permanent ban. I was asked to verify and I sent the documents to be verified, and then I was banned. How can I get out of this ban? please help me @punker barbie. пI didn't get the ticket number and I can't tell you.
  2. C

    Chaturbate Age Verification Trouble

    I uploaded my previously registered passport to the new age verification system and my account was baned. In the return from support, they state that they think there may be a tampering in the ID, but this is absolutely not possible, there is a mistake. As I said, the previously approved...
  3. A

    lazy support of Chaturbate

    hello, chaturbate model (possibly former) anya_muna is with you again and today I am very angry! more than a week ago, my chaturbate account was permanently blocked for no reason (or because of an incorrectly photographed passport for re-verification). my account has been banned for more than 9...
  4. A

    Account banned for no reason

    Hi guys, I've been on CB for over 3 years, building around 13k followers. Never had a single problem, never broke any rules. Last Saturday morning I logged into my account to check some rooms -I did not stream- and everything was ok. The same afternoon I logged in again to stream and I saw the...
  5. D

    Account permanently closed

    Have been using Streamate for a while now as a user. I requested a refund for two calls that lasted 30 seconds each due to a connection issue on my end. As soon as I got a reply from support about it being refunded my account was permanently closed. I have been offered no support besides the...
  6. A

    Ban with no reason

    request (19915646) Room Whitelittlebunny1 Hello. I have been worked on my account many years , and I got ban after I’ve added ID ,because old ID is expired . I didn’t violate any rules . Support doesn’t provide me any exact information. @punker barbie I hope you can help me
  7. Y

    Ban chaturbate

    hello @punker account yakitoriasun about a week ago I was permanently blocked on chaturbait, the reason for this was that I sort of organized meetings of an intimate nature, but I never did, I can provide any information about this, I really love chaturbait. For me, this is the best platform...
  8. M

    Account banned, can't get verified

    Hi @punker barbie I saw you're helping people with their accounts. Mine was banned on Monday, because my guest's age verification didn't go through. We sent many IDs, passport pictures and e-mails to support already, he even tried making an account on his own only to find out he was banned there...
  9. J

    Account Banned

    My account has been banned for unknown reasons. I can't watch anyone right now or do anything with my tokens. Please help @punker barbie On the site I have such a message and support does not respond "We have reason to believe that you may have violated our terms of service." Chaturbate...
  10. C

    Chaturbate Ban With No Reason

    Hi @punker barbie I have seen in the forum that you have helped other models with this ban problem, unfortunately the same thing happened to me. I have not received any type of warning for months and today my account was banned for no reason. Can you please help me? It is my only source of...
  11. W

    Help with CB account banned

    Hi all, I signed up today for broadcasting and after I verified my identity, my account was banned. There’s nothing wrong with my id info. The account showed verified and work normal as I was browsing through the settings. A few minutes later it was banned. Can someone please help. Username...
  12. E

    Good afternoon @punker barbie , I need your help

    Hi @punker barbie .I need your help, my account diana_rhoades was blocked yesterday during the broadcast, I do not know the reason. I wrote in support, I do not respond to support. Please help me figure out this situation. My request (19394158) . Thank you for your help in advance.
  13. A

    BAN issue update: personal pictures on chat mistaken for minor abuse leading to permaban

    @punker barbie ,this is an update of my other thread ( wich has already been solved (thanks for the soon answer support team) but given the complexity of the issue i thinks this warrants a new thread welp as the name says,after some...
  14. AfroditeX


    DEAR MEMBERS/HELPERS! I WOULD LIKE TO SHOUT OUT DESPERATELY FOR HELP! I am 51yrs old a webcam model from home, I lost my work 2yrs ago during covid and I found so much happiness and enough money for a living in th webcam industry. MFC was my home my little family I got so much friends there and...
  15. E

    My input data stole, please help

    Hi, my details (password and email address) have been stolen and changed. I can't log in to my account because my email address has been changed. When I write that I have forgotten my password, I am advised to go to my email and confirm it, but the person who stole my information has changed my...
  16. N

    Hello @punker barbie - Can you please check my ticket because I have not got any replay back. Account banned after 8 years

    Hello @punker barbie - sorry for the other request but can you please kindly check my ticket 18937687? I know you are busy at these times, but I just wish to see if there is an update regarding this. It would be awesome. I am really going through a lot right now, I just lost my whole income...
  17. B

    Streamate Ban Help?

    My girlfriend has been working on the Streamate site for a while. More recently she left an agency and was able to open her own account and had been working for a month. Recently her account was closed all of a sudden. The reason was that unregistered people appeared on the cam. It was for a...
  18. R

    chaturbate bann my account withouth a reason

    hello .. i need some help, chaturbate ban our account ,we have more id s verified on it .. and we don t know becauze of witch of the id s is banned … i give alot of emails and nobody answer me … mabye i have a chance for that id to be deleted from my account and it to be restored .. or to...
  19. H

    re-verification of the account. unban me please

    Hello dear @punker barbie ! back in May, my account was banned and support asked me to contact in half a year for re-verification, half a year has passed and I applied for an attempt to re-verify, but there has been no response from support so far. I will be grateful for your help! Ticket: 18676397
  20. Hereiam

    Banned account and Unable to send tip please contact support

    Hi everyone Hi cb crew @punker barbie Seems like every new account cannot tip once buying tok. I'm a model since 5 6 years and my account is banned for I dunno what reason ticket 18457746 Username hereiam_78 I really need the recover my account fast ni news since 4 days from support and...