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  1. LustfulZoey

    Best microphone to use?

    While filming prerecorded videos for my MFC Share I noticed that the sound from my Logitech c920 camera sounds AWFUL and so muffled. I've heard of people using the Blue Yeti microphones, but what do you guys recommend? I like to play music in the background of my shows and would love it to sound...
  2. NoraSkyes

    Best Streaming Experience?

    I am looking to up my stream quality, I live in a shed so I have no ability to connect to solid wifi and I have been using my phone's hotspot. I have been told my streams are choppy, lag and I have been told by a few guys that they would have taken me private if not for the poor FPS. I am...
  3. NoraSkyes

    PC vs Mac + other tech

    So I streamed a few nights ago for the first time in ages but I kept being told the quality was less than desired and it lost me a few good opportunities to earn quite a bit of tokens. I know my internet connection was fine, so all I can think of is it has to do with the fact I am using a mac...
  4. KattySteel

    Remote Control Webcams HD (2019)

    Hello, I want to know which cameras with remote control are recommended. I have seen the camera of Rocknrose and another studio model that use this type of camera and in spite of a great zoom they remain in good definition (HD). If someone has experience or can share the information, thank you...
  5. P

    Is the upfront cost of an HDMI-capable camera, capture card, technical investment, worth it?

    I feel like most folks stick with the basic USB web-cam, so I wonder why I don't see more DSLR or other upgrades. My first guess is it's just not worth it over streaming; any extra detail is lost to compression. But that's not always the case if good bandwidth exists. Is it just...not...
  6. Lelo1

    SVAKOM Siime Camera Vibrator

    SVAKOM Siime Camera Vibrator Apparently vagina cams are now a thing on CB. Cord seems kind of short IMOP.
  7. BreeGranger

    What camera is best for creating awesome photos and videos?

    Hello everyone, I'm in the market for a new camera. My budget is around $500 and I am looking for something that will take good pictures (after some practice) and good video. I have a vanilla blog I want to take awesome pictures for but I also want to get a camera that will be able to take some...
  8. BeccaBrooks

    DSLR Camera

    I'm looking into getting a better camera to film videos/take stills. First I apologize if this is already a thread I tried searching and couldn't come across anything besides threads on using DSLR camera to stream. I currently have a super old DSLR that I'm using to film my videos (have another...
  9. A

    Custom Pictures

    I have someone wanting to purchase custom pictures from me. Since I'm new i have no clue what to charge or if the quality has to be a certain way. I have an iPhone 7+ which takes phenomenal pictures on portrait mode. Will that be enough or should I just save up for a real camera? What is...
  10. A

    Video Camera

    I'm looking into getting a video camera for shooting some m/f videos to add to my profile and I've been looking at the canon vixia 500. Any thoughts or other suggestions?
  11. X

    XloveCam - Stay online and Win

    AmberCutie Models, "the best kind of models" We want to reward you for your efforts this December! (Christmas tree emoji ) "you get a camera, you get a camera and you get a camera" Oprah Be in the top 100 models spending the most time on our network during the second period of December...
  12. NoraSkyes

    Technology and Setups

    Hey girls, happy New Year my loves! I am curious as to what sort of tech and setups other models have going on as I want to make mine better and have a more professional feel to my room as well as make it seem more relaxing and inviting. Feel free to share your equipment and any pros and cons of...
  13. JerryBoBerry

    Looking for a new camera to make videos?

    Want to bump up your game to the next level? Looking to add new and interesting shots to edit into your movies? Have a spare $1400 lying around? Phantom 4 from DJI Really good dedicated HD camera they built themselves since GoPro has been resting on its laurels. Crystal clear video even from a...
  14. Dream Alien

    Good Polaroid Camera??

    Hello! Looking to invest in a polaroid camera so I can send them to members. Just curious what you would suggest to be a good one? Not too expensive but also produces good quality photos. Ive heard some models using the Fujifilm ones? Thanks!
  15. xMissMadnessx

    Selfie struggles!

    Hi, I just wanted to start a thread about SELFIES! When that treaded time comes and you have to flip camera and take a selfie. I just cant this right and it takes ages and ages to take one that I actually like.... I see some girls that take AMAZING selfies. What is your trick? My eyes always...