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  1. Sashacurves

    Where to advertise for Skype customers?

    I have a few regulars that I do Skype shows with and it can be really useful as a source of income when I can't stream live on cam (e.g. travelling somewhere where the internet speed good enough for skype, but will result in no-one entering my room on cam). Also because you get 100% of your...
  2. Weird_Bird

    This person is stealing and reselling content! BAN HIM!

    I found out a person who resell my private content on patreon. Ban him for your safety! His names: Onlyfans: @44089732 (Vishal) Snapchat: vishalrawat08 Myfreecams: isaiahc25 Here the story This person tipped for my snapchat and screenshotted almost all my snaps. Also subscribed to onlyfans paid...
  3. xxlsuperlouis

    How do I get my Onlyfans and Twitter links to hover like this?

    I can’t figure out how to make some custom links like this for my profile. I just started using obs and now that I have it setup I would like to take advantage of some of its features. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. SirenCove

    Insragram shout 4 shout

    Hey guys, so I have an IG account Katy_cams and I would like help in expanding my reach! I want to do shout for shout so If you have an IG and want to be on my story let me know! All I ask is that you send me a picture that you would like me to use for you and I'll send you a pic of me to use on...
  5. ReinaStorm

    Instagram Security -- Please Help

    I have an Instagram and just linked it to an unrelated Facebook account to make it Public Figure. Even before that I saw a few people I knew under suggestions. I blocked them. None of these people are in my phone. I am not on any of their Instagrams. These are family and friends. I have no idea...
  6. ChantelleArmaj

    So....Twitter/Social Media For New Models....How do!??!

    I'm brand new to CB as I've only broadcasted 4 times so far, but already I have a couple of regulars that have asked me about Twitter and whether or not I have an account. Does anyone have suggestions on how to go about creating a Twitter, or even an Instagram or Snapchat as a model for your...
  7. kabocha_chan

    Selling social media - Instagram

    Hey guys, what's your opinion on selling your Instagram like how some models sell memberships for their Snapchat? Personally, I dislike Snapchat and was thinking of asking for tokens for an Instagram account I made specifically for my "cam self." Like, I could ask for x amount of tokens to...
  8. skarlettkwinn

    *New User* Snapchat Help

    Hello Everyone! I am a super new cammer, like barely started yesterday new lol. My fancentro is all set up & I’ve been trying to gain followers on my instagram account, I had 3 pay for my premium snapchat before it was even on fancentro yet so that was a nice start. I want to eventually do...
  9. H

    Found out personal info about a model. Can it go back the way it was?

    So I'm a cam "John", and last week i was on Instagram adding a couple people to my profile. Sometimes I like to add random people because they have cool pictures or whatnot. Well, I came across someone on the "Suggestions" feed who is a guy, and I already have way too many women on my list so I...
  10. DickMagnificent

    Advice on not getting banned on Instagram

    Alright, so I just started getting back into social media outlets for work around 8 days ago. In that time I've been 100% focused on building my Instagram following (just my platform of choice, I don't like Twitter as much). After getting around 320 followers, I was banned for: - "Sexually...
  11. KitanaKim

    Utilize Your Fanbase and Become an Influencer

    I've always wanted to use social media services to grow my Instagram account faster but I was weary about it because it would mean that complete strangers would have access to my account and they would know what I do for a living. I'm not ashamed of what I do, but I didn't want them to see the...
  12. Lorena Brink

    Question: App Permissions on Dual Sim phones.

    I'm about to buy a Dual Sim phone (Android) so I have 1 sim for personal use and 1 for this work. I know you can bind each app to a specific sim card but one thing stays unclear to me and I hope someone in here can answer this to me, out of experience: Let's say I want to install Instagram. I...
  13. E

    Instagram Rules

    hello folks xx i see a few girls linking to either chaturbate or mfc from instagram. i am wondering if either of these are ok, or will this lead to a ban on instagram? :nailbiting:
  14. JadeMinx

    Instagram Account Help/Advice

    Hey everyone! In a bit of a social media bind here. I know some girls are hopping onto the IG train, I did too recently but naturally, I just got my account deactivated. I know their Violation of Terms is very finnicky given how many promo and SW accounts there are with an even higher follower...
  15. N

    Campartner scam?

    Hello, To start, my names Alex, I'm new to the community but I love cam girls and everything that they do :) major respect to all the models out there, whatever sex or shape or size. I got curious about getting into the porn industry a while ago and just started looking into how everything...
  16. KiwiGirlie

    Selling social media?

    I'm just getting back into being a camgirl after a 6 year break and things are SO different now. I see it's common for girls to sell their snapchats. Can you have two accounts at the same time? I have a personal account I use all the time, but I don't want to mix that with a camgirl account...
  17. Puffin

    Scott Adams Predicts "Snapchat is TOAST"

    Scott Adams predicts Snapchat's upcoming stock offering will fail soon after floating calling it "a dead company walking". Excerpt taken from Coffee With Scott Adams periscope vidcast from Feb 11th 2017. The oracle Scott Adams has predicted that snapchat is toast. What do you think? How good...
  18. Ronda Blum

    How do you use Instagram?

    Just signed up for an Instagram account. I suppose this is probably "old hat" for many of you. But, for me it's brand new. I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to use it to my best advantage. I'm not there for posting pics for family and friends. How do you use it? I can't say I have a lot of...
  19. Kody

    Camgirls & Social Media

    Hi guys! So im just wondering, from a customers/followers point of view, how important is it to you that models make use of social media? The likes of twitter/instagram/tumblr/snapchat etc. Thanks! :)