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payment method

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  1. StarSpirit

    Best payout method - Europe

    Hello lovely people - especially from Europe (and especially if you are from any of these: Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary)! So I was looking into payout methods both on CB and MFC - and the reviews online aren't the best. Some people could not even register, some did not get...
  2. Smores

    Anyone Using ePayments for CB Payouts?

    Is it possible to structure an ePayments account to receive payments from CB? Since CB doesn't formally support ePayments, this would require ePayments to give you some kind of bank account so that you could have money wired to that account. I assume that the best way for a model to spend...
  3. PinkParisXXX

    How do I get paid for this stuff???

    Hey everyone! The hubs and I are starting off slowly...we are so new to this I can't even tell you...tumblr pictures, etc, but we want to branch out and start selling videos, maybe panties, then eventually start camming (we're just not camming yet due to me wanting to keep my identity safe)...
  4. Jezebelle_Red

    Issues with Payoneer

    Having payment issues,& wondering if anyone can offer advice. I applied to start receiving my MFC payments through Payoneer at the beginning of the month, however initially they took a week to get back to me,& only replied when I sent an email asking for an update. They asked to see evidence of...
  5. B

    check envelope

    what does the envelope look like? I live with my parents and my privacy is important
  6. A

    Panty selling... getting paid anonymously?

    Hello, I´m thinking about starting selling my panties (which is not illegal btw)... But, there is one problem. I don´t want the buyers to see my real name, my email address is fine. Upon searching a lot in this topic, I found that a lot of pantysellers recommended different things, but they...
  7. Smores

    Can Viewers Pay Models Directly Using Payoneer?

    Payoneer apparently allows models to be paid by webcam sites using a prepaid credit card. Correct me if that is wrong. I am reading on other forums that there is apparently some way that a viewer can pay a model directly using Payoneer. How does that work, in detail? If it is possible...
  8. NatalieP

    Re-branded: Payoneer is now Firstchoice Pay. What does this mean for you?

    Hi everyone! I thought this might be important to some of you. Wrote this up for our community but decided it makes sense to post on forums too in case anyone might want to know and would find it useful. As you might have noticed, Payoneer is no longer Payoneer. The company has recently...
  9. D

    HELP me with payment info TIA

    Hi everyone! I'm a really new chaturbate model and all the way in New Zealand. Wondering whether there are any others on here?!? Also I just really need help with how to get paid, like what option to choose. The first choice, paxum OR cheque. The cheque delivery seems so expensive though, do you...
  10. AriaAnderson Info and Feedback Thread

    Hi ACF! I'm Aria Anderson, an MFC cam girl, content maker and most recently, the accounts manager for is a way to receive payments for just about anything. You can easily sell custom videos, video bundles, mailed goods like panties, polaroids, calendars, prints...
  11. S

    Question about using Payoneer (Chaturbate)

    I've been searching online and I can't seem to find any information regarding whether or not I need to pay for a prepaid mastercard with Payoneer in order to receive money from Chaturbate, or if I can just transfer the money from my Payoneer account to my UK bank account?
  12. Addison_Moon


    What do you guys think about pervoutpay? Is it reliable? Is there something else you would suggest besides that in the US?
  13. P

    How to transfer money from paxum to bank account

    Hi everyone ! I'm here to ask a basic question that my beginner camgirl skills can't figure out for themselves. I reeaally hope someone can help me :inlove: My first chaturbate payment was transferred to my paxum account (it's all verified and active). But now I'm stuck, I don't know how to...
  14. BustyBonniex

    All main cam sites have stopped uk bank transfers!!!

    I got an email from my daily pay group on AdultWork the other day saying that they are no longer able to process payments to uk bank accounts. Since I am on daily pay it doesn't really affect me thank god. However I got another email today saying that all the main campsites were now not able...
  15. AriaAnderson

    Random manyvids Q's

    Hey hey guys! I have questions about manyvids. I was googling manyvids check stuff to see if any girls posted their average wait time to receive checks and I saw that had made a post about a US resident receiving a Canadian check and trying to deposite it, chaos ensued...
  16. LexyLyn90

    I have a question about dwolla?

    Does anyone know how I can deposit customers money into my dwolla account? The only option right now seems to be to deposit money from my own bank account to dwolla.
  17. LittleMsBlack

    ManyVids Payoneer payment issue/error

    Hi, so I'm posting this for 2 reasons, 1) to see if anyone can help me resolve this problem and 2) so I can inform other people how to solve this problem if I/we can figure out how to fix it. So basically I just signed up to ManyVids but I'm having some issues selecting the payment option of my...