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  1. LeenaMae


    I've been trying to find a post about tips on how to help prevent piracy. Obviously there's no fool proof solution, but I finally had my first situation. I've been looking into paid services, example cam model protection. I've heard their services are good, but that's a hefty price tag. Is it...
  2. VixenMinx_

    Your first stolen content experience?

    Hi everyone, I was alerted today by someone that a website had videos of my streams uploaded. I was frustrated, angry and felt pretty crappy about it, to be honest. I knew it was 100% a risk when I started camming, but I didn't think I would have to worry about it until I had been camming for at...
  3. Guy

    ManyVids now allows models to make their vids stream only

    MV models may now block downloading of their vids. https://www.manyvids.com/Article/3505/Introducing-Secure-Streaming/
  4. N

    DMCA help!

    Hi! I cammed for one day on Chaturbate and unfortunately my shows were recorded without my permission. My heart literally dropped when I googled my screen name and my shows were up on rec-tube and upstore. Has anyone figured out a way to get their content down from these sites? I have so much...
  5. A

    Should I Be Worried?

    So I've been working for Chaturbate for a few months and a friend of mine just pointed out to me that a bunch of still shots on some site called Girls Do Cam. They seem automated and like this could actially be okay promotion since it's just screen shots from public chat, mentions my CB page...
  6. P


    Hi! I recently started camming about a week ago and I’ve noticed that I ALREADY have my sessions recorded and uploaded to another site for someone else’s profit. It’s rather disturbing. Does this happen to every cam Girl? I’ve been reading about watermarks and I’m about to download manycam. Once...
  7. Molly Kat

    Warning/help about my stream being stolen

    I got a message today from a follower that they had tipped about an hour ago for the videos and were waiting on me to send them. I checked my chatubate and saw no tokens. Then I remembered someone came in my room a few weeks ago asking if I was on cam soda, I told them no I've only cammed on...
  8. R

    Piracy Disrupter bot on Chaturbate - Beta Testers Wanted

    I'm interested in camming, but am concerned about the websites that automatically record your content without your permission. There are bots on Chaturbate that block hide your cam from anonymous viewers, but in doing so they remove your cam from the homepage. I found an bot on chaturabte...
  9. O

    I can remove your unwanted google images and links

    Hi camgirls, I've become quite successful at removing my images and links to camshow piracy sites from Google and thought I could create a business doing this for other models. I've seen that other websites will charge over $200 to do this and thought I would charge around $50 to remove as...
  10. xxsophiax

    Camming Horror Story: I might have a stalker

    So, yesterday, I googled my camgirl name, and I found out that all of my shows have been recorded by a bot who has been putting them on various sites. I'm pissed off, but I'm not too alarmed by this, as it's something I expected when going into this field. All I have to do is file a DMCA report...
  11. A

    Weird Internet Piracy Question

    Over the past two days I've found two very real, very un-adult, sites with hidden directories of stolen porn. They're in different parts of the country, different industries, and with different WHOIS info. They have exactly the same list, using the exact same address system. Like...
  12. Moros1138

    Creators, Piracy, and the Internet.. Oooooh my...

    Hello Everybody, I'm seeing my twitter feed, lately, full of people who are threatening to stop producing content because they have found their work is being pirated. While that's their right and I would never presume to say what people can or can't do with their own works. I do have a little...
  13. Sneeqie

    [site name banned*9] DMCA Issues, Anyone Have Solution?

    I've been asked by 3 model friends of mine if I knew about [site name banned*9] and why they refuse to enforce takedown requests on their website. Anyone ever have success getting something taken down? It's almost as if they are not bound by the laws of the internet like 99.9% of websites on the internet.
  14. FemdomGoddess

    The technology that will stop piracy.

    How To Stop Piracy At Its Source! Please share this information and join the conversation by providing your ideas and opinion! We Are At War! As cam models and digital content creators we are losing the battle against piracy. The pirates have stolen our content and are making a fortune with...
  15. M

    Apps to help with DMCA notices? http://dmcasender.com/ ?

    Hi all, Male model here. I'm new to camming and I just sent my first batch of DMCA notices. I've been sending them myself because I don't want to shell out for expensive services like cammodelprotection.com. Bots have recorded all of my public shows, and they're ended up on sites like...
  16. M

    DMCA takedown notice tutorial?

    Hey, I've been camming on Chaturbate with my wife for about six months. I recent had that "d'oh!" moment where I googled our username and found recordings of a bunch of our shows floating around on the internet. (I wasn't expecting this since we're totally vanilla and not super popular.) I'd...
  17. Guy

    Will piracy on tube sites kill the porn Industry?

    Do you think piracy on tube sites is going kill the porn industry? This ABC News story covers this issue