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  1. S

    Hi girls, found a way to stream to all my cam platforms at the same time!

    Then i can get paid by all of my cam platforms during one stream session! It's pretty good, before I was using two PC's but it was troublesome. I earn 70 per hour after revenue share with Cam24. Now I earn 350 per hour as I have 5 cam platforms I'm registered with! The site doing it is...
  2. D

    OBS No audio when recording

    Hi! So this issue popped up a couple of weeks ago for me. I have audio when streaming, but none when recording. I had not changed any settings, it's simply just stopped on its own. I scoured the internet for answers and am really at a loss. Would appreciate any and all ideas. Thank you! <3
  3. Altertibbar

    Twitters algorithm 2019, interesting facts to help you do better!

    I do social media marketing so Twitter is one of the platforms that I have to address on a daily basis to find out what works best and I have some insight into the algorithm and am willing to answer any questions you might have on the platform as well as provide a couple resources for you to...
  4. T

    How do you promote your web cam model page?

    Hi model, How do you promote your web cam model page? Do you know tube sites? Do you work with some marketing software or app ?

    Lovense Beta Testers

    Hey everyone! We are looking for BETA TESTERS to test out our new SmartCam software! Requirements - Using Windows 7 or above and also using our extension. If you are interested or want to find our more info then just DM us. Thank you! Amy Lovense Team

    Looking for OBS Beta testers

    Hey everyone! We have developed an OBS plug-in and are looking for 10-15 beta testers. In order to be considered, you need to be using Windows and already have experience using OBS. We will need you to test it out and give us feedback based on your experience. We want to hear what you have...
  7. Amber_Kitzune

    Editing software

    Hey I am currently trying to figure out the ins and outs of making videos and I was wondering what kind of Video editing software you use?
  8. BambiBluebell

    Video Quality Questions

    Hi y'all, I am new, posted a few times. I've been browsing through video questions but I have one I haven't seen answered. I am all set to start looking into making clips to sell (been on chaturbate a couple of weeks) until I mentioned this to a pal who has a background in video editing...
  9. AubreyMarie

    Apple/Mac Software

    So I've tried to look through older posts but wasn't able to find exactly what I was looking for and it would nice to know what newer software people are using. So I've got a MacBook, I'm curious as to what software, all kinds for the mac that you all use. Like for your web cam, video editing...
  10. Miss_Lorissa

    Flash Player Frozen with MFC software

    Hi guys, I'm trying to use MFC's built in software because sometimes when I'm using the web broadcaster, I'm not showing as online (broadcasting in Google Chrome, open MFC in microsoft Edge and it shows me as offline). I'm unable to use the software because I can't "allow" MFC to access my...
  11. creme

    Softwares for recording your own streams?

    Hey there, I tried searching for any existing threads but couldn't seem to find any. I was wondering if fellow models could throw some suggestions and tell me which softwares they use to record their own streams, I'd like to not only reflect but also maybe create GIFs and just keep an archive...