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  1. NoraSkyes


    For my girls who have kept up with Tumblr to this point you all know that starting December 17th they are banning and removing all porn from their sites from media to text posts even containing certain topics, words and even tags. They are proud to be going child friendly but for a girl who made...
  2. ShyCollegeSlut

    How to use tumblr?

    I have a tumblr, it's inactive because I have no idea how to use it. Everytime i'd make a post I would hit backspace to much and then i'd delete it all. It pissed me off so I gave up >.< but i'd like to try it, is it worth using? Twitter sensors a lot now, and I have a feeling people don't...
  3. Dan202

    Tumblr stuff....

    I didn't give much interest before, as I didn't had time to prospect other platforms and their capabilities... But (there is a but), I was impressed to "discover" the power and flexibility of Tumblr service. The opportunity presented itself and i've tested a custom MyFreeCams design installed...
  4. L

    My links on tumblr have my url in front of them?

    Honestly I feel so clueless, I've looked everywhere and I have no idea how to fix this problem. I hope my question makes sense, but i just changed my tumblr layout and I added all my links for manyvids, mfc, cb, and all that but once I checked my profile I clicked on the links to check if they...
  5. Bella__x

    Private Tumblr?

    Hi Guys, Me again! (I'm sorry i just have so many questions) I am just hoping someone can shed some light on tumblr for me? I don't quite understand it, and what I am hoping to do is write some sexy real life stories and experiences on there, and place a password on it and use it as a prize in...
  6. Kody

    Camgirls & Social Media

    Hi guys! So im just wondering, from a customers/followers point of view, how important is it to you that models make use of social media? The likes of twitter/instagram/tumblr/snapchat etc. Thanks! :)
  7. NymphoFaunna

    First Night -- CB

    I just finished my first broadcast (2 hrs) on Chaturbate. Sadly pulling in a whole whopping 41 tokens. I set a goal using the app, did strip teases, showed off my breasts, butt, and my whole body. I was wondering if any more experienced members had any suggestions for newbies on how to...
  8. BlissfulSins

    What social media do you use?

    I'm new to being a Cam Model and need everyone's advice on what social media to open for my model self? Twitter seems to be popular but what about FB pages and IG? And tumblr? What do general posts look like from Cam girls? I'm super curious!
  9. MeOwlOmNomz

    Your Favorite Websites and Blogs for Sex Toy Reviews?

    My personal favorite is OhJoySexToy. Everything on their website is helpful and even outside of their reviews they have Sexual Education comments that explain more than anything I've ever heard in any of my Sex Ed Classes. It's a valuable resource I love linking others too. Anyone else know...
  10. Arya Amorr

    Cam Girls on Tumblr and Promotion Tips

    Yo, I've noticed that a lot of cam girls have twitter in order to promote themselves and I'm not entirely comfortable with that format yet ( God I sound old, I swear I'm 19). So I was wondering if there were any cam girls who successfully promote themselves on tumblr and if there are- how did...
  11. Moonnymph

    Tumblr for camgirls

    hi. :) I'm a new camgirl and very new to the site. I just joined Chaturbate a week ago (my name is moonnymph) I had some questions about tumblr and being a camgirl.. Do any of you guys use tumblr and link it to your cam profile on whatever site you use? What types of things should I share/post...