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  1. dickwow99

    Video Editor for Cam Models

    Hey there, I have seen a lot of models get good edits on their video on PornHub or on their social media. By the looks of the it, it looks like a work of a professional editor, meaning someone was hired to edit their videos. As a video editor myself I was wondering where can I such gigs. Do...
  2. LaylaMae_

    Custom Snapchat Show Pricing

    Hello everyone! :) I'm a new model on MFC and recently started a premium snapchat. Today a man asked me if he could send me tokens or an amazon GC for me to do a public change room strip or cum show. I know I won't actually be able to cum but I could totally strip and play with myself. With...
  3. MilaRose

    Where do you draw the line?

    I have a customer who has purchased a video, one that is available for purchase on ManyVids, directly through me at discounted price. The video was shared to his email via Dropbox promptly as well as to two of his ManyVids accounts via the free MV link to which have been, for whatever reason...
  4. MilaRose

    Deleting Videos on Pornhub

    So, I'm pretty new to Pornhub and am still getting a feel for the site. I recently decided I wanted a video deleted from my account, but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete it by myself. Do I have to contact admins to have them delete a video I no longer want on my page? xoxo Mila Rose <3
  5. madelinee

    Turning video/record to a photoset! - Doubt

    Hi. I am sorry again for creating this thread because I read something about it in another very old thread but I tried to find on the search botton and nothing. The question is: I saw in this thread that you can use a specific program where you record a video and then this program cut/split...
  6. passmeawhiskay

    OBS problem, stream shows bitrate info instead of video

    So, I did do a quick search in the forums and couldn't find a thread with my particular issue. I've used OBS just fine with twitch and I've followed the Chaturbate specific setup tutorial. Every time I hit stream on OBS, the video on Chaturbate is showing all the technical fancy shmancy IT...
  7. glamgirlmedia

    Glam Girl Media | Niteflirt Templates & Video Galleries

    *I received permission to post here from an admin* Hi ladies (and gents)! I'm Natalie, a Niteflirt template designer and video editor. I'm a former PSO and model. I noticed there was a lack of quality, affordable custom video galleries and eye-catching Niteflirt templates so I created my...
  8. Amber_Kitzune

    Editing software

    Hey I am currently trying to figure out the ins and outs of making videos and I was wondering what kind of Video editing software you use?
  9. Smores

    Chaturbate Lo Bw / Hi Bw Low End Video Interface

    For models not using the newer OBS interface on CB, I am noticing some strange interface that puts the words "LO BW" or "HI BW" on the right side of the video display. What is that? For a model not using OBS, can they still broadcast at higher resolutions? I am also not clear on CB, when I...
  10. Aayda_Heart

    Re-Selling Custom Videos on Many Vids / MFC Share? Thoughts?

    Just wondering on what you other models and your members think about re-selling custom photos/videos? Thank chuuu :)

    Suddenly blocked! Freaking out! Please help!

    Hi Ladies - God I never thought I'd be writing this - so it took a while for me to get used to MFC in general....and when I first started I came from WCM where men were welcome on cam with women - I had no idea that when I was working at a friend's place and he was doing things in the bg like...
  12. MitzyBelle

    Filming Advice-- how to film a pov bj

    So I thought this would be easy. And now I'm 40 minutes into trying to film a POV BJ video and I'm failing miserably. My suction cup dildo won't stick to my headboard for more than a few minutes at a time, I can't seem to get the angle of the cam right, and I'm getting grumpy. Any tips or tricks??
  13. DirtinLa

    Seeking someone to edit our movies for Chaturbate

    Have a quite a few hours ... they really need a bunch of cutting. I have can send in FLV or MP4 Would like to see some of your work and also your rates please. Also would like to watermark or in someway protect them for a cease and desist Thanx in advance Fred & jayne
  14. JuicyJade

    Release form for videos with other models

    Hello ! I have been looking around and trying to find out what kind of model release should I ask the girl I plan to shoot some photos and gg videos to use them on mfc ( there is easy, we're both registered models there ) but also on my manyvids account and modelcentro site. Regarding the last 2...
  15. B

    [site name banned*9].COM

    Good evening ladies and gents! About a year ago I found out that someone had posted webcam videos of me camming on MFC. The videos are god awful. Totally CRINGE. And they're each about an hour long. There's two of them that I know of. Not only that but [site name banned*9] is a link promoted on a website...
  16. MaxiumArc

    Few Services Specially for Cam Girls.

    Hello girls, I'm Tiana.Our company offering few services and giving over 80% of discount.Here are some of our services. SEO - Optimizing and promote your channel, videos, social media profiles without spending for paid advertisements. Video / Audio Editing. - Edit , Color correct, Add...
  17. Smores

    Tips for Higher Resolution Broadcast on MFC?

    MFC's model web broadcaster software supports a "high resolution" mode up to 800x600, with a data upload speed up to 2.5 mbps. Are there other required settings on the model's workstation in order to actually send out the highest resolution? For example, do you need a setting in the camera...
  18. Sneeqie

    DMCA - Get Content OFF Google

    Below I will detail out how to go straight to the source (Google), and submit an easy form to get it down. I have just been given this from a member of #GirlsOfTwitter promoter group I am a part of. It was so random, and it was like eye opening - because I have searched many times for Google...
  19. Octavia_Kiss

    How to add Watermarks

    Does anyone know how to add water marks to videos? I'm struggling with trying to figure this out. I would like add my water mark to some videos I made to put up for sale but I can't seem to figure it out. I just want my water mark on there so, if it does end up stolen at least the content will...
  20. Luckyfoxxy

    Pornhub Model Payment program

    I am shocked nobody made a thread about Pornhub's efforts to help cam models decide to have their content posted there. Thoughts? Anybody tried it with success? Taking it from the thread on stripperweb it apparently isn't very profitable in itself - the only way to make any money is for pornhub...