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  1. KandiCamGirl

    Video Converter… Which one do you suggest?

    I need to download a video converter and need help. I cam and the site I use allows you to record but in order to save the video on your computer, You have to use a screen capture program which I have and used to say files on my computer. I need an additional program to convert that video to a...
  2. G

    I'm looking for a partner

    Dear all, I'm a George, a male model based in Bulgaria, looking for a partner. You can see my most active profile on I've been online since April, 2015. I use professional video equipment. This is the Panasonic GH3 high end DSLR with an 14-140mm zoom lens, a...
  3. Kitty Ann

    ManyVids - copyrighting issues? Can they "own" your image if you sign the contract?

    I tried to sign up for ManyVids but then I saw they own rights to your image, and I wondered how sketchy that actually was. Anyone have any advice on this?
  4. F is looking for models interested in creating custom videos for our customers

    Hello, as the title states, we're currently looking for models capable of creating custom video content for our users, we get a handful of requests every day with varying levels of complexity and price points, but most are fairly basic jerk off instruction, waterworks or dildo action, you can...
  5. lunaxo

    Making A Video

    Hey! I just started caming on SM a few weeks ago, and have been relatively successful in the last week with more people filtering in and paying for my time - opposed to the first week where I would get many men just entering and leaving. I want to do more, to make more, and I heard a great...
  6. JerryBoBerry

    Looking for a new camera to make videos?

    Want to bump up your game to the next level? Looking to add new and interesting shots to edit into your movies? Have a spare $1400 lying around? Phantom 4 from DJI Really good dedicated HD camera they built themselves since GoPro has been resting on its laurels. Crystal clear video even from a...
  7. N

    what are the Best Selling/Most Popular Videos

    Hi everyone A model friend of mine has decided to try making videos she can sell. But she doesn't know which type of videos (ie, strip-tease, sexy-shower, dildo-bj, b/g-bj, etc...) would be most popular with members. We have both tried asking the members in her room what type of videos they...
  8. Rox240

    Video Questions

    Just to start off, I use a mac and I also use iMovie to edit my videos. I save them at the highest quality I can (720) and I've noticed the file sizes are quite large (in my opinion.) I just edited a 20ish minute video and it turned out to be about 1gb! Is that normal? Or does anyone have any...
  9. H


    Hi everyone! So I have made my first videos and want to begin selling them, I just want to know which is the best way to sell them? I know it is possible for the content to be leaked but which is the best site or way to sell my content. Please help, thanks! :)