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Video Editing question

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Hi all. I currently use Windows Movie Maker for editing. Yeah I know but I'll get around to finding something better soon ;)
Anyway here's the question - if I film a clip and I film it from a number of angles so say maybe 4 vids altogether how do I insert different angles from each vid to make the whole clip? I can only seem to get them to go one after another which obviously isn't what I want. Can you insert from different vids? Am I just too stupid to be able to figure that out? Any help/info very much appreciated.


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Dec 3, 2010
You can drag and drop the videos where you want them and in the order you want them in. If you're looking to do sections of each clip then cut them and drag the sections around in the order you want them in. So say it's a blow job then masturbation clip. You have 2 angles. You want to show both angles of the blowjob first, then both angles of the masturbation next. Cut each clip into their sections, then drag the blowjob ones tot he front of the line. It's the same thing no matter how many clip angles you want to do. You can cut them up however you want and always drag them around.
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