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  1. missmeowmixx

    Mac + Logitech C920 + ASPECT RATIO WTF

    I use a c920 as well, not with mavericks but with a macintosh. I use the Logitech camera settings program from the logi website for contrast, focus and zoom, then Camtwist to add a watermark and to fix the aspect ratio. Id suggest downloading Camtwist beta and see if you can get it to work by...
  2. missmeowmixx

    I tried to have Skype fun, but the other person let me down.

    Re: I tried to have Skype fun, but the other person let me d i got terrified for a second that i had done something terrible to you on Skype >_> LMAO. scared the shit out of me. don't do that!!!!
  3. missmeowmixx

    Hip hop thread

    ^_^ just cuz i feel this way about vinyl. but also deliciousness that is kero one.
  4. missmeowmixx

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    MOAR Hmmmmm that's mostly it. :shifty: i should have had 3 posts between this and my last cuz i had some good, funny ass audio addictions lately.
  5. missmeowmixx


    I'm lucky enough to have a cafe in the city that roasts daily, but if i didn't i think i would go as far as you have. i salute you sir! i can't believe you can roast coffee in a popcorn popper.. Mind blown
  6. missmeowmixx


    Coconut milk and maple syrup!!! For those of you using almond milk and soy milk in your coffee, prepare to be revolutionized. Coconut milk works 1928319283719827391827391827391823918723918723 times better. Seriously. It has a thick flavour to it so i guess you have to dig the creamy, but still...
  7. missmeowmixx

    Is my name ok?

    lol i just did that too. so 2 of your Yes votes should actually be No.
  8. missmeowmixx

    Using 2 Webcams W/ a Macbook

    Really Aedan? i'm curious to know more details. I used Twist with my 9000 and never had any issues.
  9. missmeowmixx

    Using 2 Webcams W/ a Macbook

    Welcome to mac-land! This problem is not hard to solve... It does depend slightly on exactly which models of webcam you are using though. Anyhow, in my case I use a c910 and a c920. The c910 i can use with the Logitech Webcam Software for mac (which i can use to record HD video with it, as...
  10. missmeowmixx

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    ...... >_> oh my lord
  11. missmeowmixx

    The Glaring of the Glasses!

    I hate wearing mine for this reason... haha.. i actually mostly get around it just by tilting my screen and head strategically. :P
  12. missmeowmixx

    What is the most annoying thing a model can do?

    This thread is, while at some times terrible, really great for the reason Jolene just highlighted! Such variety. :) Anywho I'll admit I haven't read every single page either, but i've come back to it a few times, and i don't remember seeing this but my apologies if it's been beat to death...
  13. missmeowmixx

    WANTED: models to help with toy product development

    yeah, i'd be interested in chatting/giving feedback/ideas but maybe you could give us a little more info on your concepts/identity? nothing personal we are all just naturally a little skeptical of everyone, from experience. haha! send me a PM if you'd prefer to keep it off the public eyes.
  14. missmeowmixx

    CamRedeem Update (including some new changes)

    Um, hi mired, i love you SO MUCH! You're the best and your site is the best. your name is even all in lowercase, it's so nice. I've never had a single complaint from anyone since i started using it, including myself. That is all. :cat:
  15. missmeowmixx

    ~what SONG(Z) are you currently obsessed with?~

    I love music. :cat: A lot. It's right up there with food and water. And, when i hit upon a tune that particularly tickles me, i tend to play it over and over and over and over and over and over and oveerandovernadoaondoadnaevrvreondaodvoaederbbdaod BUT! That song is always changing. it's not...