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    Sending Flowers on Valentines

    I'm not sure if any flower delivery service would deliver to a P.O box, seems like a waste to do it. Generally flower delivery sites are really hit or miss since the flowers vary greatly in quality. I think if you and a model are close enough there shouldn't be any reason to object to it. I've...
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    Question for MFC members about tipping

    One of my favorites, I'd say her regulars for the most part aren't big tippers, but it doesn't deter me from tipping her. I'll just randomly tip for fun, new tip menu items or things she's come up with, sometimes it gets others to tip and sometimes it doesn't. Regardless, you can't make others...
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    I started playing it again due to the Lunar New Year skins, but to me this still feels like a modded Team Fortress 2.
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    Members: What motivates you to join a camgirls "club"?

    I've never been interested in model clubs. The ones I've seen don't seem worth it to me. Admittedly, none of the models I'd say are my favorites have ever offered one so that could be part of it too. The only thing that really interests me usually is Snapchat, but it depends on how each model...
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    Things Members Say That Make You Go "WTF?"

    Model giving a dildo a bj Member: My ex could do that to. But she was molested from the time she was 5.
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    is it possible to have a "healthy" relationship with a model?

    What's the difference between a good regular and a friend ?
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    is it possible to have a "healthy" relationship with a model?

    It's a tricky situation and I think it's hard to truly be friends with a model as long as you're a member. Is someone you give money to really a friend? On the one hand you want to support them with their job yet on the other it's buying a 'friendship'.
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    New to MFC!

    Talk about whatever interests you, any interesting stories you may have or how your day was. Really anything that pops into your head. I'd rather hear randomness than see a model typing away whether the typing is in chat or pm.
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    On the flip side, I generally prefer doing privates with models I only sort of know. With my favorite models I feel weird at the thought of it or I feel it would be quite awkward.
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    I'm in love with a cam girl :/

    I agree and I do think with some people online you can just click and open yourself up more due to how much chatting can happen and knowing that distance is there you can be more open than if you were to be talking with someone you know in person. However, I think it's really difficult to be...
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    I'm in love with a cam girl :/

    It only gets dangerous if you get relatively close and even if you think you're close you may or may not be. It's hard to tell if someone is really a friend with how camming works.
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    It just depends on what you're wanting to do, some members want cum shows, some just want to chat, and some want a mix of both. Whenever I took models private it was usually between 40-80 minutes
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    I'm in love with a cam girl :/

    As hard as it is, it would be best for you to cut communication with said model. Agree with that too. Models come up with their own rules for how they want to interact or what they'll do with members outside of the camsite. If there's a connection they'll break their own rules they set.
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    Will girls please stop using Lovense?

    I hate the tip sound and if a model plays music then they have to turn it up to a really loud level. That's why I prefer the lovense markedly more than ohmibod.