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  1. B

    help with making my profile- CSS/HTML?!?

    Ive been toying around with it the past few days and have been trying to find a free layout/template to use while I figure out the coding and suchgn to MAKE my own. Years ago I used to do alot of html s tuff when myspace and neopets were big. I actually learned on Neopets when I was like ten...
  2. zippypinhead

    Holiday Movies

    A couple of weeks from Christmas, and it's time to ramp up all the Holiday movie viewing. So, here's the annual discussion. What are your favorites? What have you seen, and what are you looking forward to?
  3. Influenced

    What is your all time favorite Movie scene and Television scene?

    That's right, it can be anything. Talk about it, post a Youtube video on your two different favorites, gifs whatever. I would include Trailers in this as well if you feel so inclined, due to the fact nowadays trailers are very much anticipated for many movies, even a year or so before they hit...
  4. Dan N

    The greatest thing US had to offer to the world?

    MOVIES! Movies makes America great. PS: the topic is intended to have a fun and non-political nature so please don't throw with cheeseburgers at me!
  5. Dan N

    Shows and Series

    I might get a lot of face-palms for this topic but this are few of my favorite tv shows/series and movies... and I probably like some of the feature ones too :) Supernatural Game of Thrones Criminal Minds NCIS all of them with one exception - New Orleans it is not on my fav list Doctor...
  6. hollyreynolds

    Favorite Disney Movie?

    What is your favorite Disney movie all time? Who is your favorite Disney princess/prince? My favorite movie is The Lion King, and my favorite Disney princess is Jasmine!! I feel like she shaped me as a child and I also feel like she's super underrated, she was such a badass to me and I loved...
  7. Yavin4MFC

    Favorite Cornetto Trilogy Movie

    Pick one! They are all amazing. I saw Hot Fuzz first, followed by Shaun, and was ecstatic when World's End came out.
  8. harleylynn

    movie suggestion thread? :o

    hey guys!! so i'm a big big pursuer of films and movies and such (though i'll be real i'm not good at keeping up with hem and get too lazy to watch any!). but yeah! i would love some cool movies you guys really like! we can make a little list of what movies we like and a lil blurb about what...
  9. Yavin4MFC

    Star Trek Beyond

    Anyone seen Star Trek Beyond? I know one model who really loved it, I finally saw it last night and thought it was one of the best Star Trek movies in years, if not decades. Really, really good!
  10. JerryBoBerry

    Looking for a new camera to make videos?

    Want to bump up your game to the next level? Looking to add new and interesting shots to edit into your movies? Have a spare $1400 lying around? Phantom 4 from DJI Really good dedicated HD camera they built themselves since GoPro has been resting on its laurels. Crystal clear video even from a...
  11. Jenna Snap

    The Room

    I just got done watching The Room. Strongly strongly recommend. Especially for Bree Larson (she won the SAG award) girl can act. And the boy too. Just a really strong woman character.
  12. S

    Inaccurate shows or movies?

    Haven't seen a thread like this while scrolling around through the forum so hopefully this isn't a repost of sorts haha. Was wondering what some of the shows are that people have tried watching but end up not able to make it through because you know how inaccurate the portrayal is. Now...
  13. Guy

    What's your favorite nude scene from a movie?

    What's your favorite nude scene from a movie?
  14. lunarxkittn

    What was the last movie/show you watched?

    Just curious to see what you all are peaking at! What was the last movie you watched and would you recommend it? I'm currently watching Orozco the Embalmer. I think it's a killer documentary, but no I would not recommend it to most people :) Feel free to give me lil reviews - use the...