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  1. S

    ID content blocked

    Issue: My girlfriend has been trying to get her account verified for quite a while. I think by now it's been the 6th time the verification has failed. The passport picture is digitally scanned and in high resolution, everything is readable. The photo shows her unobstructed face with the passport...
  2. F

    ID not verified, keeps on being declined. HELP.

    Hi guys! my boyfriend and I have registered on Chaturbate under the username: fitandfreak and wanted to verify our age and account. He is Bulgarian and I am Serbian, we live together in Serbia. We uploaded the pictures of us and IDs and his was approved, while mine - on the other hand - was...
  3. erisACAB

    Having a really hard time verifying my partner. Please help!

    I've been having a hell of a time and support has not gotten back to me. I have probably submitted a million photos. They aren't telling me which photo was denied, or really any useful information. My partner was really excited about me showing him my work and getting involved but he's getting...
  4. A

    newly created and blocked account?

    Hello Good Morning @punker barbie , I am the model katty_demon, I have just created my account in CB but it appears blocked for no reason, I do not understand why a new account just created this blocked, could you help me verify my identity and that everything is in order? the photos I send for...
  5. A

    Can’t login because of 2-step verification :(

    Hello! Pls help :(. I was trying to login into my account (an0nymouse3) but I recently changed my phone, so my Google Authenticator app got reseted, so I can’t get in. What can I do? I contacted support but haven’t got a reply. Changed my password via my email, but still can’t get in. Help :(...
  6. V

    Please, help in age verification in account violetax69

    hello good day @punker barbie , I am the user: violetax69 I just created my account in chaturbate and sent my documentation requested for verification of age, are pictures of very good resolution and clear, I sent in my citizenship card of the colombian certify that I am of age to legally in my...
  7. X

    ID is not valid. Reason: This person is already age verified.

    Hi @punker barbie I accidentally duplicated my age verification submission as I didn't think it had but submitted correctly the first time around. Now, I've been denied the ability to broadcast and have found my account banned. Is there any way to solve this on your end? Thanks in advance and...
  8. Lore_Shane

    ID is not valid. Reason: Restricted Region

    Hello everyone! My account is Lore_Shane13 I have been trying to verify myself as a model on CB for 3 weeks already and all in vain. They don't accept my ID and the reason is not the quality of the pictures, because they are clear and valid, but is that my "region is restricted". I have been...
  9. A

    I do not understand why they ask me for a passport?

    hello good day @punker barbie I am the user: danii_and_lauren I have been submitted my documentation for verification of age, I have sent photos of good resolution, with clarity and very good lighting, they are totally clear, I have presented my Colombian citizenship card because I transmit...
  10. L

    Help needed

    We are indian broadcasters. I and my partner have completed the performer agreements and also submitted the passport proofs as required. Still the support guys keep on rejecting our request. Is it due to that we are Indians??? Login - lollipopsensation
  11. L

    Chaturbate Indian model

    Hello, I am from India and want to broadcast myself. I have submitted my age proof verified pics of my passport and my face with the passport in my hand. Still I am being said that the image is grainy and is not approved. Does it mean that Indians don't have the right to use chaturbate? What is...
  12. T

    this is my first post .....wahoooooooooooooo

    this is my first one!!!
  13. LibertyJemmz717

    An issue with streamate..

    Sooo! After waiting what feels like the verification email and doing a few photo shoots i was amped up when i saw I had an email from their support. I looked at the email and it said that there was an issue with my biopic that it wasnt me. So im more than a little offended more than offended and...
  14. Moonnymph

    Feeling very depressed/hopeless, hoping for some model support

    hi guys. I recently started camming on chaturbate on August's been fun and good most days. Today was my birthday and I was really hoping to get on cam today to celebrate, but my license expired today and I couldn't take tips. I got really sad and I logged off, walked to the DMV and...
  15. AmberCutie

    How to get Verified Model status.

    ***Click here for the new verification thread!***