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  1. MilaRose

    Top Advice from Models?

    For several months now I've felt as though I've hit a wall in my SW career selling clips, custom clips, other services, etc. Admittedly, I enjoyed filming too much and stuck with it telling myself I would only start caming regularly if I felt I hit a wall with selling content. But then I see all...
  2. Heidi von Rocket

    Practices regarding co-stars in clips

    Hello ACF. I have two main questions regarding how you handle having friends in your clips. For context, no one is showing face. Do you have them sign any sort of legal document for consent or a release of liability? How do you approach this conversation and which points, if any, do you make...
  3. MilaRose

    How does a Cam Girl Colab Work?

    So I've been private messaging with a girl regarding a cam show colab and possibly videos as well sometime next month. I've never done this before, especially not with someone I've never met and I just don't know how to best proceed with this safely and to ensure payment is split equally and...
  4. MilaRose

    Deleting Videos on Pornhub

    So, I'm pretty new to Pornhub and am still getting a feel for the site. I recently decided I wanted a video deleted from my account, but there doesn't seem to be a way to delete it by myself. Do I have to contact admins to have them delete a video I no longer want on my page? xoxo Mila Rose <3
  5. MilaRose

    Category Classifications?

    I recently got into a heated argument regarding whether or not certain categories apply to certain videos and so I am looking for further opinions on this. 1) For a video containing solo female anal masturbation using toys, would it be correct or incorrect to put this video under the category...
  6. LeenaMae


    I've been trying to find a post about tips on how to help prevent piracy. Obviously there's no fool proof solution, but I finally had my first situation. I've been looking into paid services, example cam model protection. I've heard their services are good, but that's a hefty price tag. Is it...
  7. AngelicaVee

    Pricing my first Custom! Would love a second opinion

    Hey loves! I know there's plenty of threads about pricing customs, but I was wondering if I could get some model opinions on this one video I'm pricing. It's my first ever custom, and I'm really struggling to find a price that feels worth my time, but isn't so high that the member won't bite...
  8. MilaRose

    Can We Get A Model Run Custom Site?

    Can we please get a model run custom video site where sellers are protected! If there is one, can I join lol. If anyone is working on one, I would also love to help in any way I can. Us models deserve to have some kind of protection against scamming buyers and injust support on adult platforms...
  9. A

    Problem W/ Video Quality

    HELP! I wasn't sure where to put this other than Ask-A-Model. I have a 1080p Logitech C920 webcam, which is a highly recommended camera for performing. The only recording software I have at the moment is OBS, which I heard is an okay place to start. I just recorded my first clip to be uploaded...
  10. Miss Honey Analvekehr

    Clips4sale, manyvids, iwantclips, adult work; how girls doing on them these days?

    I know c4s vs mv has been done before but as far as im aware these threads are pretty old -how are girls finding them in 2018? Has changes to either sites actually helped or harmed your sales? Does anyone use the smaller sites like Iwantclips and adultwork and actually reach payout? Ive...
  11. claudette

    a tip to upload clips!

    I am very lazy and I really do get a lot of effort to enter singly on every clip site (clips4sale, manyvids, iwantclips, adultwork, niteflirt etc) .. login, upload on each site the new clips, wait for it to load, set title description etc. .. I often do not go ahead and forget and say to myself...
  12. K

    Questions for findommes.

    Hello fellow cam models/dommes! I'm sort of new to the adult industry (2 years), but this is my first time trying Webcam Modelling and Ive recently gotten into findom. I can say that Ive done okay, but Ive just started to purchase all my gear (meaning HD webcam, lighting, props, etc), so its...
  13. JerryBoBerry

    Looking for a new camera to make videos?

    Want to bump up your game to the next level? Looking to add new and interesting shots to edit into your movies? Have a spare $1400 lying around? Phantom 4 from DJI Really good dedicated HD camera they built themselves since GoPro has been resting on its laurels. Crystal clear video even from a...
  14. Aspen Marie

    Video tips? ManyVids tips?

    I guess I'll start with a little background. I would LOVE to live cam but I have a two year old that doesn't sleep through the night yet and I would hate to have to stop a show to get him back down to sleep so my solution was to sell videos and other things through ManyVids. I've signed up and...
  15. vanessasenju

    Ideas for clips/clip makers

    Im in sort of a rut here. Im usually pretty good at coming up with ideas for clips like cosplaying and roleplaying but lately i have no inspiration, almost like my creative juices dried up. Where do you all get your ideas from? Also, im considering buying costumes instead of making them, which...
  16. lolaloliepop

    Manyvids vs. Clips4sale

    I'm starting over with camming and in my redo of researching I think I'm going to brave up and start making some vids before I start up again on mfc (and then maybe link to my store on there??? haven't figured out if that or tokens would be better) And I'm looking at clips4sale and manyvids...