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  1. Pan_Flute_Fox

    MFC Profile CSS

    After a little bit of digging I'm still finding it hard to find a css template I like, and I really dont have the time to teach myself css rn lol. All the free ones I've just seem kinda tacky or don't work. I absolutely love Ziafox's profile, if anyone knows of a resource for something similar...
  2. jasmine collins

    Bio coding has me scratching my head!

    can someone direct me on how to hire someone to write bio coding and such for chaturbate/mfc??:arghh:
  3. Laratonio

    Chaturbate profile styling

    Hi, I'm new here, but I saw some threads about the styling of your Chaturbate profile / MFC. When I visit profiles on these sites, I see profiles with really poor styling, unreadable text, poor quality images etc. I think that when you have a good, nice and clear profile, your 'sales' /...
  4. Miss_Lollipop

    Cammodel Express Sales, Promos & Happenings Thread!

    Hey guys! I wanted to start a thread that I can post occasional sales, promotions and giveaways for the Profile Builder and anything else exciting we may have going on. If you're not sure what Cammodel Express is check out our FAQ - The Profile Builder is a tool that lets you create your own...
  5. N

    Helpful tutorial sales!

    As a brand-new trying-to-be-a-camgirl type, I've had to wrap my head around a few things like CSS, GIMP 2, and I still need to get my hands on some sort of video editor... In any case, is currently having a crazy sale where most courses are $15 and for most of them, you get lifetime...
  6. Dan202

    Web designer help

    I think ACF needs a new section, something like a webdesign corner. I believe that models can find inspiration, post questions, inquiries, search for help and post suggestions faster in a centralized user-friendly space rather then navigate multiple topics, forum sections. My suggestion is...
  7. 5

    Making a slideshow for a profile

    Hello everyone! I'm currently working on making a slideshow for my friend's profile, but it seems like most of the usual CSS tricks I've done for websites aren't working on MFC. Does anyone have any experience on the best way to create a slideshow without resorting to making it as a gif?
  8. ReinaStorm

    How do I get rid of the top section of mfc profile?

    Most pages don't have this at the top of their page at all. How do I remove The About Me, Sexual Preference and Gender on MFC? Also the Status:? Profile Headline:? Last Broadcast:? Last Updated ? If I try to hide the about me section then they can't see all of the stuff I've been programming...
  9. 5

    Replacing the lock icon on locked galleries on MFC

    So for MFC galleries, I'm trying to figure out a way to replace the default lock icon with one that would match the aesthetics of the rest of the profile. Is there a way to change it within the profile settings, or would you have to do some hacky stuff with the CSS and HTML?
  10. 5

    Creating custom profile in MFC help

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place, but I could use some advice. I'm helping my friend make a custom profile for MFC, but having some trouble finding a way to edit the HTML. I want to make something with Bootstrap and play around with some of the grid systems as well, but I'm having...
  11. God

    Linux in the Cloud

    i have been beta testing linux in the cloud a few years now making my own web pages and writing my own programs and i have seen it evolve a lot; it is designed for people who want to make websites and write programs with the ability to do online collaboration with other people; it requires...
  12. M

    NEW - How to set up a profile?

    Hey guys! I've just become a verified cammer! I'm trying to figure how the hell to make myself a decent profile! I haven't the slightest clue how to edit CSS or anything and I want to add rules etc to my profile. Any help is appreciated right now! My MFC username is PhoebeBoo :shy:
  13. VermillionV

    Going Out To All The Geeks

    Hey Guys! Okay so basically I've gone and completely revamped my profile, and everything is great except one thing... I want to make a "contact" button, members would click it and it opens MFC mail, but I just can't seem to get the link correct!!! What link do I need? Somebody must know...
  14. Miss_Lollipop

    CamgirlToolkit Profile Builder Launch Announcement!

    Hey ladies! Moros and I have been developing a tool (ok he's been developing and i've been pretending to look busy) that makes editing and changing your MFC profile easy! Here's the announcement we made today! I'm super excited! Profile Builder Launch Announcement! Hi everyone! Firstly we...