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  1. AngieNoir

    Geo Blocking... I wish MFC would allow more narrowed blocks

    Hi All I Wish MFC (and many other sites) would beef up their Geo blocking like ModelCentro... Not only by state or country but they allow a more narrow focused block like cities. So If someone has family or lives in X city of Colorado or Florida or California they can block all the cities...
  2. S

    Charlesbot Helpp!! plss

    Hello it's almost my second year in camming on mfc and I feel I can get more tips if I knew how charlesbot worked, I've gave up on him. I can't figure out exactly how to put banners and at least emojis in my chat. And when I command to clear chat and other things charlesbot just continuously...
  3. J

    Mfc slower

    I work as model on mfc since about 6 years. For me the summer months always been same or better than the rest of the year. This summer i saw an dramatic change to bad from worst. The members in my room are not interessed in my services, videos, all what i do on camera. Private shows are shorter...
  4. Buffyfetish

    MFC thumbnail previews messing with room count?

    Hey lovelies! Just wanna start by thanking the community for all your help on this site-this is my first post but all my other questions have been answered in the past by threads on here! Ok so, has any MFC girls noticed a drop in room count since they changed the homepage from pictures to...
  5. M

    Trouble reaching tip goals normal?

    Ok so...I have a few questions. I have been trying to get to 1500 for a cumshow when I'm online, but I haven't got anywhere near that amount in one shift. I'm usually on for 3-4 hours then have a break then do another 2-3 hours later in the day. Even if I continue the goal from the last show, I...
  6. Sarah_Sparkle

    What do you do when there's no one in your room?

    Been having a really hard time getting people into my room on MFC, let alone stay and actually participate. I use twitter and snapchat for promo, but it doesnt seem to work. Been on for over two hours now with maybe 1 or 2 people in my room...if any...idk what to do and am getting super...
  7. Sarah_Sparkle

    2 Months into MFC!

    Hey peeps! So I have been a cam girl for about 3 years on SM and decided that I wanted to try MFC because it seems more in line with where I am trying to go with my camming. I love playing games, dancing, having fun, being myself, and connecting with people!! The first month was so fun and great...
  8. Nicole_J

    Someone Recording MFC models!! HELP

    Hi everyone, So today I was on cam and I got a message saying someone is recording everything I do, every time I am on MFC! I am really creeped out and my mood is shot from this... Has anyone else gotten anything like this?? its so weird and annoying and when I try to click Download to see if...
  9. BelleThacher

    MFC: Standing VS Sitting??

    Hey everyone! So one thing Ive always wondered and have heard differing opinions on is whether you should be standing while on MFC or sitting relaxed? Models, do you find you make more money or have a more lively room in general when you stand compared to when you sit? or is there not really a...
  10. J

    Payment problems

    So, this is how it goes: I started camming at MFC almost two months ago, and by the same time I ordered a Payoneer card, due I live outside the US, it would take a few weeks for it to arrive. Well, It's been almost a week past since my card was supposed to arrive and when I go to the Payoneer...
  11. jinx juggs

    Stuck in css mode

    I'm seriously stuck in css edit mode. I've google and looked for the button but there isn't one showing up. i even logged out to see if it was just a glitch. I'm on mfc. Please i cant finish my profile edits :/
  12. AudreySparks

    Sort of new to camming? Few questions!

    Basically I use to cam on MFC couple years ago and quit for awhile. Wasn't big or anything but decided to start all over now with a new name and account. Wasn't on MFC very long, maybe a month and a half or 2? But I have a few questions.... What are some game/countdown ideas that are usually a...
  13. AliceSombers

    Period tips...

    So I started camming on MFC about a week ago. I'm making good money, but today I started my period and now I'm worried about not being able to perform as usual. How do other models do shows while on their periods?
  14. Gwen devill

    What am I doing wrong?

    I cam EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. The past 6 months I've been caming every single night I'm always online I live alone in my own apartment and my only job is to be a cam girl. I spend most of my days snapping regulars selling skypes and mailing ALL of my panties. Recently my laptop broke and I was...
  15. Blaire Rose

    New to running raffles, need advice and help please!

    So I just recently started camming on MFC around a month ago and wanted to start my first raffle. I see them all the time and they sound like fun. I know how to make a graphic for it and how to advertise but I just wonder how do people keep track of who buys tickets and how many? And then how...