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  1. E

    What are the rules?!?!

    I have been doing research on camming and I am so excited about it! I’ve been doing tons of research on femdomme and kink because I really enjoy it and that’s what I want to cam in. In another post there was a recommendation to look at cam rooms to kind of get an idea of what it’s like. So I...
  2. marieplays

    What should I do when I'm idle/just starting a show? And other n00b questions...

    Hello everyone! I've been camming on Chaturbate for a little more than a week now and I have several questions that have been bothering me. I hope I'm not being repetitive with any of them because I did browse through several pages of the forum looking for answers and did find a few, but not...
  3. KattySteel


    Hello everyone ! This topic I have searched even in the deep web (j/k) and the information that exists is very little. Context. I have exactly 1 month and 25 days since I first cam on myfreecams, the problem is this. Since I started, the camscore it has dropped to 300 and I was able to stay in...
  4. M

    Hi, I'm new

    So, I had a user DM my asking for role playing. Which I was ok with cause he wanted true private, buuuut when I asked roleplay as what he said brother/sister under aged. I was wondering how do I report this person?
  5. SyKa

    Best store platforms for models?

    Hey all! Baby camgirl here. My past jobs have included stripping and selling vintage on etsy, so needless to say I'm excited about the entrepreneurial side of things and establishing my brand. I want to sell photos, videos, used panties, etcetera, but I'm not sure what's the best platform to use...
  6. Ariel_siren

    Dismal debut of camming

    Hello everyone! So- Last night was my very first night of camming! I’ve been doing phone stuff for sometime and decided to take the plunge because my understanding the money is much better. To get ready I was methodical in my preparation. I reviewed websites (chose Chaturbate), I watched other...
  7. honey_witchie

    Getting more MFC customers ideas?

    hi I’m fairly new to camming 1. I’ve mostly been at MFC. I dance, I try to keep up conversation, I promote oil shows and all sorts of games and shows & have a tip menu on my whiteboard, but I’m having trouble getting paying customers in my room. Occasionally I’ll have a good few hours where I...
  8. S

    Considering Camming

    Ok, so here it goes: I'm considering camming, I know there is no escaping being found out eventually, I'm ok with that and I've already told my friends/ family I'm considering it. I also know camming creates paper trails (taxes). I want to get my degree in Biotech/Bio-Engineering so 1. Would...
  9. AmberrCrystal

    Prepping for your first show

    I just want to know your experiences while prepping for your first show. I'm thinking of starting tonight and I am soooo nervous. Just doing my hair and makeup getting ready and my heart is pounding. It's not just nerves though it's also excitement and anticipation. I know I'm ready to do this...
  10. numba1trainer

    chaturbate private video asking for password: Is this a scam or legit

    So I've been camming on chaturbate for a week now. The first day I was making a little bit of tokens. Then some user pm me saying he wants a private show and asked for my login password. I was very skeptical at first then another user that was "helping" me said that it was legit and lucrative...
  11. Heavenleigh83

    New Need Help!

    Hi guys! So I have two questions: 1.) is MFC a good place for a new camgirl? Im a bbw and im on justbbws but its not a high traffic place from what i have seen. 2.) how generous is too generous? I did a show last night and i feel like I let myself be pressured into doing things for free...
  12. Alice_in_Bows

    Typical Tricks New Girls Should Look Out For?

    Hi everyone! I'm still in my approval process on MFC, but I've been doing tons of research in the mean time. I haven't seen a thread like this (from searches), so I thought I'd start one. I'm a bit terrified of a lot of things being my first time doing something like this, so any tips are...
  13. maya77

    new models with thousands of viewers

    hey im new to the can industry and on chaturbate ive seen new models on the 1st page with thousands of viers but only a few hundred followers, are they buying viewers or whats going on?
  14. M

    Are there any models that don't mastrubate on cam?

    I'm just curious because I'd like to start camming but I don't want to masturbate on cam. I don't mind getting completely nude and showing my goodies but I'm not really comfortable with playing with dildos, etc. If there's anyone out there who doesn't masturbate, do you still get success out of...
  15. G Spot

    How much money can you make on Chaturbate?

    I have a question that a lot of people ask me daily. How much money can you make on Chaturbate? If you cam for 16 hour a week for month what do you think is a realistic ballpark figure you can make with Chaturbate?
  16. KK_girl

    Keeping them cuming

    sooooo I have been caming for 3 weeks and I just want to know some tips and trick to keep the conversation alive and games and just how do find your groove with it all. I feel like I'm sitting most of the time and no ones replying back to me when I'm on cam Tips
  17. Marley Magdalene

    New Model on Streamate with some questions!

    Reading though the FAQ's on the Video and Picture system on SM and I am absolutely confused as to what models are giving away in their shows. Streamate doesn't allow below the belt nudity in photo sets and videos in public or private format. We can't have music in the video so I know they're not...
  18. J

    How do I win this losing situation with Premiums?

    Sorry if I'm ranting but I have to explain this. I'm brand new to MFC cause I need the $$ and came in knowing full well that the traffic is high and girls who have been on for years have more regulars but the problem I'm having is kinda ridiculous and kind of self esteem killing. When I started...
  19. J

    Selling panties on chaturbate

    im new to camming and this site!! Hello! And hope this is the right place for this question, but I wanting to know the process of selling panties to customers. Like how much you charge, the price to ship them off, payment methods etc... pretty much step by step help. Is it worth it?
  20. kitty quinn

    NEW CAM GIRL -How to make decent money

    Hi you guys I started this thread for advice i NEED on starting out! Ive started on my free cams my screen name is Kitty_Quinn and Its really slow. I know Im new and putting time in but how do I get this going. Sometimes Ill be on for hours with only a couple viewers who wont even tip! I do the...