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  1. DaintyPrentiss

    Promo Period

    Hey, 'nother question: Looking to drive as many users to my page as I can during the Promo Period for us Stripchat newbies. Would anyone have advice for strategies that users might have shown positive attraction for in the past?
  2. J

    Newbie camming questions

    I am super new to webcam . I have experience in being paid to model nude and I’m totally comfortable being nude . Since my body is out there (I’m considered chubby and I’m totally ok and comfortable with it ) I’ve decided to take this on as a part time job to help bills . Just getting 500$ every...
  3. J

    On CB How much did you make on your first night and your most recent night

    First night : I’m just curious . I did it for 6 hrs . Mostly did privates . One of them was a pass show and the guy just waste my hour giving me 30 tokens for the hr then trying to get me on WhatsApp I closed the password show politely . after that I only did privates . I made 40$ in those 6...
  4. VenusCupid

    Um, beginner here! Any advice for beginners of being a cam girl?

    Hi! I am Venus Cupid! I am very new to the cam girl thing as I am a small streamer, artist, and cosplayer/model who has a patreon, ko-fi, and onlyfans. I am thinking about being a cam girl to be an addition to my work, as I have so many questions to ask. How you get more traffic or viewers onto...
  5. FoxyDame

    Tonight's the night!

    I am gonna do my first show tonight (eep!). I am nervous but also I am excited. I was wondering what are the top 3 tips/advice you have for the first show. I have read and researched for a few months and I think I have the basics down but last minute advice is always welcomed! Thanks lovelies!
  6. M

    Turning Camming Into A Business:Newbie

    ok so I lost my job and I’m starting to take cam more serious. I don’t care if my family finds out, but I do wanna be a doctor one day. So, I am asking advice from other girls who took cam to the next level. Like as a full time job. I’m reading books about business and being an “influencer” and...
  7. camillarose

    Snapchat and twitter

    Hello everyone!! So I finally got my snap and twitter setup,where do I go from here? What kind of things do I post on twitter to direct potential tippers to me? When I snap a picture on snapchat,are the pictures out for everyone to see? Sorry for the questions but I just need a little insight to...
  8. PrincessLacy

    How long does it take for things to... not suck?

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to camming; today is my 10th day on Chaturbate. I've been modeling for photos and videos for over a year, but only recently decided to get into live camming as well, and for the most part, it's been enjoyable. However, I'm starting to get really concerned about how...
  9. Evelyse

    Beginner Couple with some questions

    So I brought up the idea of doing couple camming with my partner, and he's open to the idea. However, he did want to know from other men that cam, how often are you expected to last when you get down to having full penetrative sex, or if there are any tips for lasting longer? I think he lasts a...
  10. AlyssaMichelle

    New girl here!

    Hey everyone! I recently posted over in the newbie who the f*$%# are you thread, but I wanted to formally introduce myself here as well! I recently just created my account on Chaturbate, and I can't wait to get started! I love that there's a forum for camgirls, that's awesome. I just ordered my...
  11. Alice_in_Bows

    Typical Tricks New Girls Should Look Out For?

    Hi everyone! I'm still in my approval process on MFC, but I've been doing tons of research in the mean time. I haven't seen a thread like this (from searches), so I thought I'd start one. I'm a bit terrified of a lot of things being my first time doing something like this, so any tips are...
  12. P

    Just did my first show ... it wasn't great!

    Hey guys and gals, just looking for some advice really. I did my first show today. The plan was to stay on for 3-4 hours to just ease myself in. I've done my makup, like my makeup is immaculate! I put on some music and all that, got the room nice and tidy and decent enough lighting. I started...
  13. P

    chaturbate tokens?

    Hi all, I did my first cam today. Just a non nude, have a chat kind of thing for about 45 mins. One of the guys who came in tipped me 70 tokens and was asking me to into private with him. I kindly declined and laughed it off saying i really didn't have much time and that i couldn't but would...
  14. Jops Fernandez

    which cam sites allow models from the philippines to broadcast?

    hello :) i'm from the philippines (and a n00b here, hello!) and i'm looking to start camming very soon. however, all of the resources i've checked have stated that the several of the biggest cam sites (MFC, chaturbate) don't host models from the philippines for legal reasons. the philippines is...
  15. G

    Newbie here! Just a few questions :)

    Thanks to everyone who helps me in advance, I really appreciate it <3 I just signed up for MYFREECAMS, and I want to get to camming soon. I've got my webcam set up, microphone, profile, all that good stuff. I'm really excited. However, before I start camming, i wanna make sure I know what I'm...
  16. R

    This is probably getting old... but DMCA question

    Hello! I'm a recently retired cam girl after being on MFC for a little over a year, and like I'm sure every other model has had to deal with, Ive seen videos and pictures of me and my shows online. It's not surprising, but I'm still annoyed and really would like to remove everything that I can...
  17. Bunni

    New model status

    Is it true that if I never took advantage of my "new" status on a cam site, I'm doomed to failure down the line? I cam on Chaturbate and wasn't able to start broadcasting until a couple weeks after having verified my age. My first show was quite honestly a hot mess... low quality, low fps...
  18. Bunni

    Dealing with discouragement

    Hello all! My name is Bunni. I'm a brand new cam girl (my first show was literally a week ago), and I was wondering how other models have dealt with periods of discouragement during their humble beginnings. I was diagnosed with major depression and OCD, so you can probably guess those two...
  19. E

    Eye masks (Newbie Alert)

    Hi girls (and guys), I'm a newbie, I've only been on cam about 5 times in the last 2 years, always really wanted to do it, never got round to it fully.. Anyway. Do any of you always wear something like an eye mask on cam e.g. To protect identity / look mysterious / not having to do your brows...
  20. HarleyRey

    No tippers!

    Before you attempt to direct me towards verification because this is all available in the model area, please know we are a couple and therefore I'm not able to access that area. We are on Chaturbate and had a few high shows our first nights (around 150) then slowly dwindling to around 40 most...