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profile help

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  1. IvyBrooks

    Let me pimp out your camming profile!!

    Hey y'all! I design graphics! I can create all the graphics for your Chaturbate profile, your Niteflirt profile, your anything profile! I can make you a flashy GIF banner, I can make you a custom logo/watermark, I can make graphics for your personal website, and much more! Not only will I...
  2. XbambiX

    About your age . . .

    While it goes without saying that prospective cam models must provide their birthdate and hence their actual age to any webcam site they apply to, what is the general protocol for revealing your true age in your public profile? I am over the age of 40 yet consistently mistaken for being in my...
  3. Aurora Laze

    Back to MFC after six year absence

    So my subject line just about says it all. What it leaves out is how like many of us I am trying to do this all on my own. And like many before me I do not have any understanding of HTML or CSS. I remember the old interface for editing your profile but it seems different now. Almost the same...
  4. Miss_Lollipop

    Cammodel Express Sales, Promos & Happenings Thread!

    Hey guys! I wanted to start a thread that I can post occasional sales, promotions and giveaways for the Profile Builder and anything else exciting we may have going on. If you're not sure what Cammodel Express is check out our FAQ - The Profile Builder is a tool that lets you create your own...
  5. Dan202

    Revamp other model's profile page? How to do it smart

    It is well known and common practice among models (and some web designers) to "revamp" a model's profile page (or bio page). No, I am not talking about cloning which in this context means 100% similar design and content but re-using the same code without permission. On this "issue" there are...
  6. L

    My links on tumblr have my url in front of them?

    Honestly I feel so clueless, I've looked everywhere and I have no idea how to fix this problem. I hope my question makes sense, but i just changed my tumblr layout and I added all my links for manyvids, mfc, cb, and all that but once I checked my profile I clicked on the links to check if they...
  7. 5

    Making a slideshow for a profile

    Hello everyone! I'm currently working on making a slideshow for my friend's profile, but it seems like most of the usual CSS tricks I've done for websites aren't working on MFC. Does anyone have any experience on the best way to create a slideshow without resorting to making it as a gif?
  8. Nausiica

    In Search of Graphic Design Artist!

    I know I know, there are lots and lots of threads already about profile help and all that jazz, but when looking through them, (and it may just be me) I'm having trouble finding recent posts (most are from years ago) of camgirls and members alike advertising graphic design services. So I thought...
  9. DejaElectra

    I made some free social icons for you to use!

    Hi there, I hope this is ok to post and that this is the right place to post this. Over the past few days I have been working on a camgirl friendly social icon pack and I wanted to share it all with you. Most of the time when searching for free social icons they don't include any adult industry...
  10. 5

    Creating custom profile in MFC help

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place, but I could use some advice. I'm helping my friend make a custom profile for MFC, but having some trouble finding a way to edit the HTML. I want to make something with Bootstrap and play around with some of the grid systems as well, but I'm having...
  11. Jade_Sevyn

    Broken Image on profile?

    I am using the standard html image code and the url from my uploaded pics on mfc, but when I look at my profile I have a broken image. Am I doing something wrong? This is the link I am using: <img src="image url" /> I wandered through a few posts to try and find some answers, but no such luck...
  12. Miss_Lollipop

    CamgirlToolkit Profile Builder Launch Announcement!

    Hey ladies! Moros and I have been developing a tool (ok he's been developing and i've been pretending to look busy) that makes editing and changing your MFC profile easy! Here's the announcement we made today! I'm super excited! Profile Builder Launch Announcement! Hi everyone! Firstly we...