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  1. StormiAnderson

    Private - what do you do?

    Hey everyone, I just had my first night on cam last night. I think that I did really well! I was on for 2 hours and managed to reel in 3000 tokens. I actually spent my time in private’s and group shows and I’m wondering this: what do you do when you’re in private? I let the guys take the lead...
  2. BelleWrites

    Music During Private

    Would you listen to music you didn't like during a private if the client asked for it? Modified version of conversations I had recently: Me: Can you put on The Macarena? Model: What's that? Me: It was the #1 song the year you were born. Model: *Plays song* This song is weird. Me: Wait until...
  3. xoxAprilJames

    Lovense and Privates!

    My Lush just arriiiiived just in time for me to set it up and cam in a couple hours! I'm super excited but also wondering how y'all use yours when it comes to Privates, if you do those? Do they just tip on top of the private rate to get the thing going? It's been touched on in other threads...
  4. Smores

    Pricing Spy Rate on Privates

    What is your spy rate for a private chat on CB, and what was your logic in setting that price? Just as a devil's advocate argument to hopefully start a discussion, why do models not make their private prices high but their spy rates very low? For example, the private rate might be 30 to 60...
  5. jessica21

    MFC member recording privates?

    Hey everyone!! Officially my first thread here! So I've been on MFC for a while now... A guy I've been doing pvts with sent me a message saying when he goes back to re-watch our pvts he doesn't like how it sounds. Aka... he has been recording me. Do i report him to MFC and should I call him out...
  6. Naomi_R94

    I finally WON Chaturbate!!

    This week I started my show on CB. My usual auto-reset tip goal/ dice game strategy. It was a good start, where members started to tip right away. Then a member took me private for a higher token amount as he didn't want anyone spying. This lasted about 2 hours straight! I had never made...
  7. kitty quinn

    MFC: Public vs Private Shows, what do I do!??!!

    Okay so i have been on MFC a year and I still feel lost on what the better thing for me to do is!!! Public is free open chat, anyone can see..premiums, basics, guests, all of em! What I have done so far... everytime I get on I run a countdown anywhere between 400-700 tokens for a public...
  8. C

    Question about MFC True Privates for Models

    Hey, Asking any cam models who use MFC if they ever watched another members cam, while in True Private with someone else? I assume if so, the second cam you are watching, the person can't see you, correct, since they didn't pay for the true private? Or do you watch porn, while also watching...
  9. JGenius

    Naked private show

    If a guy is a regular of a girl since months and he only talk in private show but one day he ask her to be naked and she refuses because she "knows the guy too much". Is it making the guy a douche because he decided to stop going in her room and go to another girl's room to get what he wants?
  10. babeariel

    Private Based Cam Sites?

    Hi! So I tried to google some sites and couldn't really find anything. I love being on mfc but I want to check out a site that is exclusively for privates. Can anyone help me with this?
  11. NatalieP

    FanCentro: Selling your private social media accounts just got that much easier!

    FanCentro is a platform with one very distinct specialty. It is designed to make it easy for you to sell access to private social media accounts. Starting with selling snapchat, which is already used by over 2,000 models, FanCentro, formerly known as SnapCentro, will soon include selling private...
  12. C

    Are privates a bad thing?

    We are a couple chaturbate, last night was kinda slow for us kinda picked up near the end (I'm guessing Mondays must be slow) Anyways we skipped a few goals cuz we wernt hitting our goals and set 1 default goal of 300tks for sex... Well near the end we got some requests to go private had up...
  13. bamxo

    Models - Will you show your private life to your selected members?

    Hi I was wondering today if some models are willing to show via private sessions their day by day routine to their most important members. Of course non-adult things. Thanks B
  14. A

    Private show not really private?

    I noticed that during my private shows with users, the people, who went to the chaturbate pages to find a model, could see some extracts of my show (especially by refreshing the pages several times). Consequently, I am afraid to show my face in private now. Is there please a way so that it...
  15. troubleMeika

    I looooove MFC, but....

    I'll try to be short bt clear. I've been camming on MFC for 2 months already (was 1 month on SM and i loved it, but i had sign up with a studio and they were shitty people), and i like it aa looot, i like the guys, the vibes of the site, the interface etc. But there is only one problem... I...
  16. Naughtyginger

    advertise private shows

    How do you get your name out there? What sites do you use? I only use twitter and MFC. I saw a bunch of girls on reddit Skypeshows. Any and all information would be greatly appreciated :) Naughtyginger
  17. G


    I've been a cam girl for about a year now off and on when money is tight, I've only ever worked through websites like chaturbate but now I have other people asking for private shows. There's one guy in particular who seems very interested in making this a regular thing. I'm not sure how much to...
  18. A

    How far is too far? (Streamate Question)

    Every so often while I'm on cam I get inquiries about "forced" roleplay. Personally, I do not agree with doing that and I do appreciate when people ask me beforehand so I can kindly decline. But what do you do, if 10 minutes into a pvt (I'm on streamate so your private viewers can leave ratings...