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  1. M

    Average Girl on MFC

    I've been camming for almost 8 months now! It's been a rocky road from the bottom. I haven't been on too much in the last month due to personal reasons. But I just wanted to shed some light on what goes on in the lower camscore/ranking rooms. First off I want to start by saying, I am a good...
  2. MilaRose

    How long have the longest cam girls been around?

    Just curious how long some of you girls and guys have been caming for as I have no idea personally how long I can stay relevant for. Any long term success stories?
  3. MilaRose

    Cam Girl Guide Q & A

    Hey guys and girls, I have a Youtube channel dedicated to helping cam girls (and guys) get started as an online entrepreneur in the adult industry. If anyone has any more beginner friendly questions I would be more than happy to answer them for you in an upcoming Q&A! I can also answer some...
  4. MilaRose

    Where do you draw the line?

    I have a customer who has purchased a video, one that is available for purchase on ManyVids, directly through me at discounted price. The video was shared to his email via Dropbox promptly as well as to two of his ManyVids accounts via the free MV link to which have been, for whatever reason...
  5. A

    How to cope with this anxiety

    When I was 19, I was a cam girl for a very brief time. I'm now 22. I did it for about two weeks and only went on about 4 or 5 times. I came from a very poor home, my father was sexually abusive in the past so I wanted to make some cash without having to work at minimum wage retail so I could...
  6. LunaMun

    Tips for new cammers?

    Hey! ✊✊ Guys i need tips on advertising myself as a cam model!!
  7. Witchessleep

    Sites that allow masks/hide face

    I looked on some sites and there seems to be a mix of camgirls being allowed to hide their faces ("and the money they get) but the overall message I got was some sites allow it, some don't and some successful models don't show their face. The only cam sites I'm familiar with are mfc and...
  8. MilaRose

    Why do people work for Boleyn Models?

    As a disclaimer, I just signed up for them today with little to no knowledge of what/who they actually are and what work you do for them to get paid. I've just noticed a lot of cam girls on here opt for using them, mainly for their fast and easy payment options. However, after getting my ID and...
  9. J

    MacBook to cam with!

    Hi, I am looking to start camming soon (I need to get a laptop to do so ASAP) I love MacBooks, I’m looking into getting this one. Just wondering if this was going to be powerful enough to cam with as I have no clue! Thank you xx
  10. S

    Helping a model

    Hi, so I’m here to know whether or not it’s okay to help a friend who is a cam model. I met her through SM and we became best friends. She always asked for help with money whenever she couldn’t work because of problems she has from Home (gonna try not to go to specific on what the problems are)...
  11. kitty quinn

    Tax professionals? Who do you ladies go to?

    Okay So i am super nervous for taxes, I havent saved anything I havent even gotten my LLC for my name KittyQuinn... I plan to do this with my next check but I want to talk to a tax pro who works with cam girls. I want to start organizing and saving money and getting ready. Does anyone have a...
  12. TinaD

    NEW Way - Passive Income for Cam Models

    Live cam site, implemented a new exciting feature that lets cam models generate income whether online or offline. The content-selling innovation recently integrated into the site giving models the capability to sell their photo albums to users. The added function is simple and...
  13. S

    Really helpful moderator, should I trust him? Advice needed!

    Hello everyone! I just started broadcasting on a cam website and I have a moderator who has been really helpful, like A LOT, should I be suspicious? I would like to talk with a more experienced cam girl privately because I don't want to expose the identity of the person in question, can someone...
  14. S

    Can you help me identify this cam girl?

    Hi! I saw this video and I just wanted to know who the girl is. I can hear her name is Selena in the video and tried searching extensively for her username but couldn't come up with any results so I was hoping one of you could tell me what her username is. Thanks...
  15. S

    I am meeting a cam model

    So next month I will be flying to Vegas to meet my friend who met through streamate. Yes, obviously she's a cam model and I've met her since pretty much the day I started over 3 years ago(thank you porn hub lol) Over the years me and her have developed a friendship. I used to never do shows...
  16. kitty quinn

    NEW CAM GIRL -How to make decent money

    Hi you guys I started this thread for advice i NEED on starting out! Ive started on my free cams my screen name is Kitty_Quinn and Its really slow. I know Im new and putting time in but how do I get this going. Sometimes Ill be on for hours with only a couple viewers who wont even tip! I do the...
  17. U

    I'm looking for a uk model to join me for a regular show?

    Hey, I Joined ACF to find a woman to do a couples show with as they seem to be very popular. I live In london and ideally so should you, or at least live close by. I want to make this a regular thing to build a good client base. If you're interested or know someine that might be let me know...
  18. A

    What's this incredibly cute camgirl's name ??

    I found only one video of her doing a webcam show, with no name: I've been looking everywhere for her, and yet found nothing . Anybody has any idea who this gorgeous creature might be?
  19. MojitosJourney

    Coming out of the closet

    I thought about posting this in models only but given the subject I thought it would be symbolic to make it a public post. I'm ready to come out of the closet completely as a sex worker. Many people in my life know what I do, but not all. I believe I'm perpetuating stigma and shame around sex...
  20. X

    United Kingdom Chaturbate Payouts? Help!

    I literally just made a post about my first camming day. But now I have a new question. So I ignorantly thought that I would be able to get my payments straight into my bank account. But obviously that isnt the case. What would the best method be for me? Its either cheque, paxum or payoneer...