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  1. RoseAnnne

    Have you ever received a response from kinkbomb support?

    I've known about kinkbomb's awful tech support since last year when I was on the site for 6 months and because I only made one sale during that entire time I closed the store. There was a balance of 20 dollars that they promised they would send me to paypal and it was not until a year later that...
  2. ViviClouds

    What’s the best site for more “extreme” camming?

    I’m an extreme fetish/hard kink adult actress/content creator. Examples being vomit/urine/punching/blood play/asphyxiation/super taboo roleplay; things of that nature, I’m talking I worked with FacialAbuse and Insex/Hardtied and it was the best experience ever for me and I want to work with...
  3. Lilah_Marquise

    Constructive Criticism for a Chaturbate Newbie?

    So I've just started camming on Chaturbate and am struggling. I've done 4 shows, made a grand total of 69 (lol) tokens, and can only get around 10 guys on at a time, most of them either grey or unregistered. I don't expect to make much money or get thousands of followers right from the start...
  4. Gingerenchantress

    Cosplay on cam: opinions and suggestions!

    Hello there darlings, I'm a pretty new Camgirl on chaturbate. I've done my shows mostly in what I usually wear at home, but I had a particular idea: "What about webcamming in cosplay?". Sincerely I've got no idea about how such a thing could be perceived, if it would be a turn on or something...
  5. SouthernRose

    Best fetish sites

    So I have been dabbling in chaturbate and I'm thinking it might not be for me. I really like engaging and talking with people but chaturbate seems to be mostly nude women doing cumshows right away. I also have a wide wide range of fetishes. I love love having my feet messed with, touched, and...
  6. melgray

    Question for cam models who have experimented with different sites!

    Okay guys, I started off on MFC and made my way to streamates- as a solo performer. Now my boyfriend and I want to cam together, as fetish models. What sites have you guys tried? We tried to make an account on kinklive, but that brought us to flirt4free? Very confusing. What sits have you guys...
  7. Sixela_Bunny

    SPH practice???

    I really want to incorporate SPH and other forms of humiliation, degredation, and sissification as well as general domination, into my Cam services. The only problem is I've never done it before. And I want to. I'm just so use to being Submissive, but I do have a sadistic and Dominant side...
  8. Vicky Vollten

    Weird fetishes?

    For me, I have to say some stuff was weird AF, like the foot fetish, when a member asked me to zoom on my feet I thought he had a serious issue. Now there are other that sound strange to me. What are your favorite fetishes, what do you find strange for doing on cam? #camgirl
  9. GoddessLilith

    Best site for FemDom fetish model ?

    Hey all! I've been with MFC for quite awhile (3 years), as well as Streamate. (2 years) I have been checking out CB as of last few months. I am a non-nude fetish/FemDom model, which is a more challenging niche. I have some nice followers on MFC but don't make more than $200-$300 a month...
  10. Lollie Berrymilk

    Mouth / braces / teeth fetish

    I'm a pretty new model, and I've accidentally on purpose stepped into the world of mouth and braces fetish. My most popular clip so far is one of me showing off my retainer. Most people think my retainer is funny, so it's kinda awesome that some people think it's sexy. I guess it's not...
  11. Daphny Meyer

    Wax fetish - is it pain or pleasure?

    I've never tried it but since I'm a curious person, I looked up on Google to learn more about it and found this article: For those of you who don't know what I'm asking, you need to know that wax play is a form of...
  12. S

    searching girls on mfc/cb or streamate who have hairy legs,armpits

    Hi, i'm french so sorry for my bad english. I visit frequently camgirl website and i'm a huge fan of hairy girls (arms,armpits,legs,tummy....). However, I find it hard to find hairy girls on its sites because it's not really usual to be an hairy girl. So I come here to ask you if you are a...
  13. Ambers Troll

    Experimenting with the unfamiliar

    Earlier I found myself in a situation with a model where we got our fetishes mixed up. We liked each other well enough to tip/ tease, but we were both playing a different game. I could see which fetish she was playing at so decided to have a go at it... I just couldn't get it. This is the...
  14. SatanJonez

    Bonnie's fetish & femdom Snapchat

    NOTE: I totally stole a majority of the rules from the lovely @AmberCutie's Snapchat takeover since it seems to work so well and usually run really smoothly. Soooo... What? I noticed awhile ago that there wasn’t really any takeover accounts for fetish/FemDom clip makers & cam girls. It seems...
  15. SylvySinclair

    Hello, Sorry Amber if this is not the place to advertise the site to clients....pls change places if you see fit. ty So guys, Im the owner of and I would like to introduce you to the first and only fetish skype cam site on the web! The site is brand new but I have already a...
  16. SylvySinclair

    Not sure if this thread fits here, if not, pls forward ro the right place. ty Hey Ladies, Im very excited to announce my skype fetish site for independent cam girls! As I've seen a lot of vanilla sites out there lacking categories for fetish, I decided to make a more complete and totally...
  17. B

    So I have a thing for ladies in boots and sneakers ;)

    Hello everyone :) I'm new to the forums and just wanted to discuss my particular shoe fetish. I know usually men like to see a chick in high heels or some have a thing for feet in general, but for as long as I can remember I've always been fascinating by athletic/gym/running shoes and...
  18. FaeryDust

    Much Larger Girl Wanting to be a Cam Girl

    Hey there! So I'm a much larger girl.. Talking 300+ . I am loosing weight but yanno that doesn't happen over night! I feel I would be a good can girl because I have a lot of free time so I can treat it as a job, I am good with talking to strangers and I feel like even though I'm really big, I'm...