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  1. S

    Chaturbate restricted country problem.

    Hi. I am from Serbia, I've been member of Chaturbate since 2012. I used to be verified model, then stopped camming, made a break and now I want to start modeling again and be able to receive tokens. I've been trying to verify myself in past 3 years! But Chaturbate always get back to me as my...
  2. ReinaStorm

    Instagram Security -- Please Help

    I have an Instagram and just linked it to an unrelated Facebook account to make it Public Figure. Even before that I saw a few people I knew under suggestions. I blocked them. None of these people are in my phone. I am not on any of their Instagrams. These are family and friends. I have no idea...
  3. KitanaKim

    Utilize Your Fanbase and Become an Influencer

    I've always wanted to use social media services to grow my Instagram account faster but I was weary about it because it would mean that complete strangers would have access to my account and they would know what I do for a living. I'm not ashamed of what I do, but I didn't want them to see the...
  4. Guy

    You might want to wipe your phone before you go to AVN

    I know this isn't a question, but I wanted to post It here because its info for models.
  5. M

    How do you block a state on MFC?

    I'm sure this is an old topic on here but I wasn't able to find a thread that would answer my question. I used to cam on MFC a few years ago and I remember I was able to block my state to prevent the people (who live in my state) from viewing my room. Since I deleted that account and recently...
  6. MixxedOtaku

    Super persistent client. Scam?

    So on while broadcasting I got in contact with a guy who wanted to do private show with me but outside of chatturbate. Understandable they want to pay outside so they can get more for their money. I said id look into making a Skype/google hangout/ Yahoo messenger. I later informed him I...
  7. Dan202

    'Secure' in Chrome Browser Does Not Mean 'Safe'

    I am using Wordfence security service for a long time now and I was never disappointed. Their expertise seams genuinely and highly professional but this time I want to mention about an article they shared publicly on their website. This thread is also a "take that! and inform yourself better"...
  8. N

    Customer Compromised by Models and other things...

    Hi All, First off, I'm a noob here as a user but have read through and exhausted finding answers or similar situations to this... even been hesitant to post this, but I really am curious to gain some advice/input. Background: I visit camsites (MFC, CB and a few others) waaay to much probably...
  9. Frecks

    Safest way to get paid for Skype shows?

    Hey guys! Brand new cam model here! I keep getting asked to do skype shows, which is something I'm super pumped about because you can do way more shit on there than on regular camming sites My biggest concern right now is safety, though. Are skype shows safe? And if so how should I get paid for...
  10. MelodyMaze

    How are myfreecams members pming me if I have it blocked?

    Probably not a big deal at all but I was wondering if anyone else has this happen?. I get pms from some members who have visited my room that can pm me but I have my settings set to only friends can pm me. I ask because of security reasons... if a member can get through a pm block then what else?
  11. Badj3u

    what is the best way to hide your IP address from hackers?

    hey Everyone i want to start doing skype shows but i'm little nervous about the security on skype, i know people could find others IP address and personal information just by skyping with them. so my question is how do i do a private skype shows and and still protect myself from stalkers...
  12. Robin_Bush

    Identity Security via Social Media

    Hey everyone! I haven't looked intensively on the forums to see if this has been posted about, and I'm looking for a relatively quick discussion turn-around, so I thought I'd go ahead and pose my question. I've been reading posts on sexworkerhelpfuls about customers finding your true...
  13. BarelyCharlie

    Security Advice

    This is Charlie, again. I'm a cam girl since... I think it's three months by now, but it has happened a lot of things since I got here, and I wanted to share to you something. I've been hacked and scammed a couple of times; my email got hacked, my facebook account, and I had to delete...
  14. Q

    Chaturbate and some general safety concerns

    Hello, I created my account 5 minutes ago so be patient :angelic: IMPORTANT THING 1: We all know most camming sites block certain countries for your protection, but I'm not sure about Chaturbate. This happened to me yesterday: I was on the frontpage, saw a hot girl and clicked. Everything went...
  15. goodiegumdrop

    Security Problems with MFC Accounts???

    Okay, so I'm super new to camming, and I'm still looking for good sites to start on (ps: if you have suggestions, let a bitch knowww!!). I know a lot of models here use MFC, and it sounds great. However, one of my friends was concerned about me using that site because she heard that it was...